Hírek Campus címkével

The Summer European University Games (EUG) could set a new record for the number of entries. The first phase of registration is now closed and preliminary entries suggest that the 2024 event could be the biggest and most popular EUG ever. The University of Debrecen is also preparing a number of sports programmes ahead of the event, which starts on 12 July.

The renovation and expansion of the University of Debrecen's Faculty of Science and Technology has begun. The aim of the modernisation of the educational unit in Ótemető Street is to provide the DE with the highest level of infrastructure for the practical and theoretical education of technical engineers, in line with the city's leading role in the automotive industry. A new wing will be added to the complex, increasing its surface area by almost 4 500 square metres.

It is already the fifteenth Campus Festival in Debrecen that local organizers are preparing for this year. On Thursday, they announced that almost exactly 12 years after his first visit, Marcus Füreder, aka Parov Stelar, would also return to Debrecen's Big Forest. The University of Debrecen is also busy preparing for the jubilee summer event.

This year’s Campus Festival set a new record: more than 116,000 people attended one of Hungary’s largest summer cultural events, the organisers announced on Monday. There was also much interest in the festival’s university-related programs. Tens of thousands of people visited the booths and the stage of the University of Debrecen during the four days of the festival.

Campus, probably the cushiest summer festival in Hungary, will offer a variety of cultural and artistic events and a colorful medley of popular music on as many as nine stages and six more premises this year. The University of Debrecen is also to present an assortment of curiosities of science and scholarship at the location called Egyetem Tér [University Square] of Campus Fesztivál.

The building of the new Learning Center is going to be available for use by the students of the University of Debrecen as of Monday. The multifunctional, state-of-the-art, triangular building, situated between the Main Building of the university and the sports facilities of DEAC [Debreceni Egyetemi Atlétikai Club – UD Athletic Club] next to Dóczy utca, is primarily meant to host and facilitate individual and group-based learning activities.

This year, Debrecen will become the festival capital of the country, as Campus Festival, the first and one of the largest festivals of the summer will be held here. The UD also offers a lot of interesting programs in the several-hundred square meter large Egyetem Tér, the main venue of the event.

A package of altogether 33 various events are going to be offered to those interested in visiting the Debrecen festival site of Campus Fesztivál Egyetem Tér [University Square, Campus Festival], which “returns” after skipping last year’s occasion.

The top representatives of Hungarian pop music are going to be present at this summer’s Campus Fesztivál, which is going to be resurrected between July 21 and 25 after a short break last year due to the pandemic. One of the highlights of the series of events, is going to be Egyetem tér.

Adjacent to the Learning Center, the sports facility in Dóczy street will soon turn into a Sport Campus. This year the stands will be upgraded, which will be followed by the extension of the facilities of the DEAC next year.

Campus Festival will turn into Campus Eleven this year. Due to the epidemic, organisers decided that the 4-day-long festival will be replaced by a series of events over a period of 11 nights, called Campus Eleven. The events will take place at the usual venues.

Those interested can familarize themselves with the trainings as well as research and development activities of the University of Debrecen related to the car industry at Debrecen’s new car industry’s event. Debrecen Drive will be open to visitors outside Nagyerdei Stadion on 25 and 26 May.

In a ranking made by the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE), an organisation regularly ranking European festivals, this year again, after 2017, Campus Festival was listed among the most prestigious festivals.

Personalised training programme and lifestyle counselling for three months, free of charge – Five lucky students of UD have been selected to take part in the first health development mentoring programme of UniFit, which, from now on, the training centre intends to launch every semester.

The best Autumn movie, do not miss it... UD – a place you will fall in love with instantly!

The modern, multifunctional learning center of UD, a 3 billion HUF development, will be completed at the end of 2019. Preparation works started in early September.

The freshers of the University of Debrecen have been the first to see the clip of the song shot for the unique semester opening stadium show called yoUDay. The joint video clip featuring the band Animal Cannibals and singer Andi Tóth is now accessible on the university’s youtube channel.

A rich and versatile program of activities, the likes of which have never been seen before, was offered by the University of Debrecen at Campus Festival. There were also concerts, interesting talk shows, and stand-up comedians performing at the festival site called University Square.

Right now, the University of Debrecen is in a state of busy preparation for the Campus Fesztivál, complete with a new location and a crowd of first-timers. This year, there will be a variety of new stands installed for the attention of those with a thirst also for academic knowledge at Egyetem Tér.

It has passed the twenty thousand, and the number of registered alumni members at the University of Debrecen is rising steadily. The aim of the Alumni Center is to maintain an active relationship between former students and their Alma mater even after years of graduation.

As a result of four years’ work, the fitness centre of the University of Debrecen, realised at a cost of 866 million forints was opened on Wednesday. On a total area of 2,600 square metres, Unifit Fitness & Gym Centre features 200 training stations, with the widest range of sport equipment.

With an area occupying two thousand square meters, comprising as many as 15 stands and venues for 30 stage performances altogether, the University of Debrecen is now prepared to entertain festival-goers at the current Campus Fesztivál. The site called Egyetem Tér [University Square].

Legal “money laundering”, the making of book selfies, and Italian flavours: these are just a few of the things awaiting this year’s visitors to the event venue of the University of Debrecen at Campus Festival. “Egyetem tér” will be open from “Day 0” this year, at the usual place, near the entrance.

Tickets for the 2017 stadium-show of the University of Debrecen are available now at a 90% discount for students and employees of the university. In addition, the first 100 non-university affiliated registrants can also access admission for the low price of HUF 1538.

The University of Debrecen is the leading Hungarian institution of higher education in the category of the proportion of international students. Our institution has managed to retain its former favorable position in the latest Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world rankings, released for 2018.