The building of the Learning Center is soon to be filled with students

The building of the new Learning Center is going to be available for use by the students of the University of Debrecen as of Monday. The multifunctional, state-of-the-art, triangular building, situated between the Main Building of the university and the sports facilities of DEAC [Debreceni Egyetemi Atlétikai Club – UD Athletic Club] next to Dóczy utca, is primarily meant to host and facilitate individual and group-based learning activities.

UD students will be able to study, prepare for and take exams both individually and in groups of various sizes among the most modern conditions, meeting 21st-century standards and needs, in the 4250 square meter Learning Center completed on the site of the previous natural-gas reception and control station and storage facility through a 3.4 billion HUF investment project.   

László Máté, Head of Building Management at Debreceni Egyetem Általános Műszaki Osztály [Tehnical Department of the University of Debrecen], has informed that, as a result of the construction started in April 2020, the venues on the ground floor of the 11-meter-high, multifunctional and disabled-accessible learning center now include a 256-seat central lecture hall, a number of offices and a variety of other public spaces. Among these latter, the university’s Gift Shop has been relocated from the Main Building, and there is also a cafeteria offering special dishes in its bill of fare representing cuisines from several continents. The 1067 square meter first floor houses community-learning spaces, while the second floor is home to consultation areas, classrooms for teaching and electronic testing purposes as well as for two prayer rooms. The third floor is where a server room and a range of engineering or utility premises are located.

The director of DE Nemzetközi Oktatást Koordináló Központ [NOKK – Coordinating Center for International Education] has provided the following information concerning the details of operation: as of the second semester of the 2021/2022 academic year, for both Hungarian and international students of the university, the building of the Learning Center will be open on workdays between 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Visitors can easily access an information system available here in multiple languages and so-called quiet spaces designated for the purpose of reading and preparation for classes.

In the immediate environment of the building, the chief contractor, Dryvit Profi Kft, has created a total of 100 square meters of green area and a parking space for 90 more vehicles in addition to the previous 11.

“As the aim of the University of Debrecen is to improve its competitiveness on the market of international education, this high-tech and top-quality building will definitely contribute to this effort,” said Director of NOKK Attila Jenei.
According to the plans for how to use the Learning Center later, there will also be a selection of specific programs and activities hosted and offered for the students in the future. For a more complete idea about the building itself, feel free to check out this short video.

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