Ageless relationship – this is the Alumni!

It has passed the twenty thousand, and the number of registered alumni members at the University of Debrecen is rising steadily. The aim of the Alumni Center is to maintain an active relationship between former students and their Alma mater even after years of graduation.

Approved by the Senate in an organized form, the Alumni Center has been operating/alive at the University of Debrecen since 2011. The main goal of the university is to bring together the predecessors’ former students and colleagues as well as to keep the relationship of the Alma mater and its former students, faculty and staff alive.

“Although by acquiring a degree, active student life ceases, this does not necessarily mean that all the links with the university has to break since all the former citizens – such as staff and faculty members of the institutions, postgraduate students obtaining their second degree, or simply by keeping the nostalgic attachment alive – can count on the institute” said Mónika Rőfi to the portal.

The Head of Event Coordination and the Alumni Center highlighted the professional events, the various meeting events, the DEjavu magazine issued primarily for the alumni, and the jubilee graduation ceremonies, where former graduates receive their gold, diamond, iron, ruby and platinum degrees.

The Centre aims to make the members of the Alumni community feel that they are also active participants of the citizens’ community similarly to the ones still studying and working at the university. In order to achieve this, they can, for example, use university services at a discount and participate in community programs such as the yoUDay or the Family Day.

“Every year, we acknowledge the company that has supported students’ employment and labor market participation the most.  The winners are very proud of their prize, which they receive on the opening day of the semester. The prize-winners are: TEVA Hungary Zrt., IT Services Hungary Ltd. and Richter Gedeon Nyrt. - Mónika Rőfi.

The number of the alumni community currently exceeds 20,000 and is continuously growing. Former students mainly live in the big cities of the eastern Hungarian region (Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Miskolc, Szeged) and in the vicinity of Budapest. In cooperation with other university units, the Center plans to develop services that can be used by anyone regardless of their place of residence.

"It is also important for the university to get feedback on how its former students’ life is turning out, thus, we can keep track of their professional progress and career, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to get information about educational, scientific and professional work in the institution. In addition, we can also provide information about programs, events, and help organize various professional and community events" highlighted Ákos Pintér, General Vice Rector.

Over the past year, sponsors of the Foundation for the Development of the University of Debrecen have supported 11 events with their 1% offerings that provided for a meeting of former university citizens and a visit at their Alma Mater.

Former students can find information about the organization's operations, programs and calls on the website of the University's Alumni Center, which will be renewed soon.

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