Researchers of UD have developed a technology that allows the manufacturing of a new dietary supplement by extracting antocianin from sour cherry. The consortium comprised of the university and Sorapharm Ltd. received an EU grant of over HUF 1.5 billion for the project. The dietary supplement developed in the framework of the project has been registered by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition. The results of the project were reported at UD on Thursday.

Sorapharm Ltd. and UD developed a technique that allows the extraction of antocianin from Hungarian sour cherry species without using any chemicals, stabilizers or preservatives, keeping the positive health effects of the agent. The Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management, and the Faculty of Pharmacy were involved in the project that was launched in 2017.
- The project produced significant scientific results, which can be utilised with our industry partner. Hopefully, the products developed in the framework of the project will soon be on the market, and will help people stay healthy – said Judit Remenyik, head of the project, science consultant of the  Institute of Food Technology of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management.

The researchers of UD have proved that sour cherry is a super food that may work at a molecular level. From an epidemiological point of view, it can be an effective dietary supplement. It controls carbohydrate metabolism, reduces hunger, and helps avoid obesity. Due to its strong antibacterial effect, sour cherry may play an important role in oral hygiene as well. Its biologically active agents actively protect us against numerous bacteria, while they do not harm the benign Lactobacillus species. It helps to prevent dental decay and the inflammation of the colon and the prostate, reduces the pain resulting from bone joint inflammation, and muscle pains. It can be a useful dietary supplement for athletes too.

During the project capsules, chewable tablets and gummy candy with antocianin ingredient were developed.

Within the framework of the R&D project, Sorapharm Ltd. carried out the complex analysis of manufacturing technologies and processes, which required the purchase of custom-made equipment. These include fluid and gel-filling lines, capsule filling and gummy candy producing machines.
- Functional food is an important supplement to a healthy diet. This is why this research is important. The products developed may even attract international attention – pointed out Nikoletta Murvai, technical head of Sorapharm Ltd.

Based on the findings of the UD working group, Sorapharm Ltd.  carried out the up-scaling and optimization of manufacturing technology, and performed inspections during trial production for the quality control of the products.

When the project and product development was completed, the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition registered the “CHENERGY GEL” dietary supplement gel. The consortium partners hope that the product will be available in the shops soon.

Sorapharm Ltd. and the University of Debrecen received a non-refundable subsidy from the EU to the amount of HUF 1.537 billion in the framework of the Competitiveness and Excellence Cooperation project (GINOP 2.2.1).

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