As of 22 September 2021, all employees and students of the University of Debrecen are required to wear a mask that covers their mouths and noses in working hours and in school hours in all rooms used for working and teaching purposes, as well as in public areas and restrooms.

According to the circular issued by the rector on 21 September, the above rule applies to those with an immunity certificate as well, as in addition to COVID-19, epidemics caused by adenovirus, parainfluenza and  rhinovirus are also on the rise.

Teachers are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask if they can keep a distance of at least 3 metres from students.

In line with the relevant governmental regulations, university events and sport events remain available only for visitors who have an immunity certificate. Masks can be removed for sport activities and eating.

At patient care units, public education institutions and dormitories the rules announced earlier and specified in the Action Plan and in the industry recommendations remain in effect.

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