Hírek Culture címkével

More participants than ever before welcomed the most recent academic year at the seventh yoUDay stadium show hosted by the University of Debrecen. As many as 23,000 people were partying together at the event, which is unique in Europe and where singers and musicians like Dzsúdló, Valmar, György Korda and Klári Balázs performed, among others.

As part of the series of programmes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Department of French Studies, an international conference entitled Un siècle de dialogues was held between 31 August and 1 September in the Main Building of UD.

Twenty-two individual masterclasses led by thirty-two artists have been held in recent weeks at the University of Debrecen's Faculty of Music, at the XXII International Summer Academy for Young Musicians, with over one hundred and sixty students from fourteen countries. The event also marked the ninetieth birthday of Tamás Vásáry, pianist and conductor, who this year again took over the leadership of the Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra.

The Debrecen University Press, which belongs to the UD University and National Library, has made its debut on the website of the Hungarian Electronic Reference Services (MeRSZ), which is the smart library of the Akadémiai Press, with 5 volumes. The aim of the project is to make scientific publications more visible and easier to access for students, teachers and researchers.

Over one hundred and sixty student musicians from all over the world, from nineteen countries, are coming to the xxii. for the international summer academy of young musicians. The world orchestra, formed at the event of the faculty of music of the University of Debrecen, will once again be led by Tamás Vásáry, who will also be welcomed at the meeting on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

The recent premiere of the musical titled “The Lion King” at UD’s oDEon turned out to be a huge success. In the adaptation of the two-act play written and composed by Elton John and Tim Rice, the company of international students of the university theatre, together the child actors and actresses who have just made their debut by immediately playing leading parts, performed beyond expectations.

Last Thursday, the Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen celebrated Chinese Language Day by arranging a poem recitation competition titled Petőfi 200 and the opening of an exhibition called The Power of Poetry: Lu Xun and Petőfi.

A joint exhibition of the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK) as well as the Event Coordination and Alumni Centre present the processes of the shaping of the Main Building of UD in close to fifty spectacular photos. The photographs on display on panels and installations on all floors of the university show the construction in an interactive way.

It is already the fifteenth Campus Festival in Debrecen that local organizers are preparing for this year. On Thursday, they announced that almost exactly 12 years after his first visit, Marcus Füreder, aka Parov Stelar, would also return to Debrecen's Big Forest. The University of Debrecen is also busy preparing for the jubilee summer event.

Giacomo Maria Oliva, Deputy Director of the museum Museo di Reggio Calabria in Italy, gave a talk in Italian on Wednesday at the University of Debrecen titled Bronzi di Riace. The topic he covered was the (hi)story of the ancient Greek bronze statues that had been discovered in the sea near the Calabrian city of Riace in 1972.

The UniPass card management system of UD is unique in Hungary. It has been part of the everyday life of university citizens for nearly ten years. Card holders can use the services of over 50 partners, and the number of card-accepting places is increasing.

The Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities of UD held a conference entitled “Tea culture in China and in Hungary” in Gyomaendrőd between 21-23 October. The academic presentations were accompanied by exhibitions, concerts, dance performance and sport demonstration.

The musical Hair, performed by a company comprised of international students, received a great applause in the university theatre. Representing 13 countries, the young actors and actresses amazed the audience on Sunday.

International students from countries like Mongolia, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, Syria and Iran will appear in the musical Hair performed by the university theatre. The iconic musical means more for the company than ever, as many of the actors and actresses can personally relate to war. Hair will be presented at oDEon on 23 October.

DESzínház Vígkarma Társulat (Theatrical Company), which operates in professional partnership with the Arts Center of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen, represented Hungary at the AMAfest in Stuttgart with its English-language theater performance.

The first video recordings about the tightly packed stadium show are now available on the YouTube channel of the University of Debrecen, so you can virtually relive the unforgettable moments of this year’s yoUDay celebration. The impressive spectacle together with the amazing atmosphere will surely convey a lasting experience for everyone.

Former Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai Levente Horváth gave a presentation titled “Chinese Geopolitical Notions” combined with a book launch on Thursday as part of the Confucius Institute’s Lectures on Chinese Culture course offered at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen (UD).

The Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities of UD celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with an exhibition of Chinese artworks. Tea ceremony and traditional mooncake awaited visitors at the event, where new teachers of the Institute were also introduced.

Saturday evening, the newly formed Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra, conducted by Tamás Vásáry, gave a very successful concert at Kölcsey Center as the closing act of the 21st Young Musicians’ Summer Academy. About 200 young people from nineteen countries participated in this year’s event of the Faculty of Music.

This year’s Campus Festival set a new record: more than 116,000 people attended one of Hungary’s largest summer cultural events, the organisers announced on Monday. There was also much interest in the festival’s university-related programs. Tens of thousands of people visited the booths and the stage of the University of Debrecen during the four days of the festival.

After a gap of two years due to the pandemic, the Summer School at the University of Debrecen has organised its traditional Hungarian-language in-person courses with 108 participants coming from 35 countries. In addition to language classes, students participate in language improvement, conversation, sports and cultural programs between 18 July and 12 August.

About two hundred talented young musicians from nineteen countries have come to the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen to participate in the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. After the master classes, the Zoltán Kodály Youth World Orchestra will be re-established, conducted by Tamás Vásáry this time round, too.

More than 36 million HUF was raised during the charity fundraising event linked to the Concert for Peace organized by the board of trustees of the István Tisza University of Debrecen Foundation, supported by the University of Debrecen, to help Ukrainian refuges. The donations are at the disposal of five aid organizations to spend to provide for a support people who are in a difficult situation due to the war.

The biggest summer music event in East Hungary will return to full capacity this year, and the organizers are again hoping for hundreds of thousands of visitors. The University of Debrecen will present itself at this year's Campus Festival in a larger area than before, at a new location, with a focus on internationalization.

The Main Hall of the University of Debrecen hosted the opening concert of the Zoltán Kodály International Music Competition on Friday. At the classical music event the best young string players of the world competed against each other and were ranked by a prestigious international jury.