Inauguration of new doctors

The newly graduated students of the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Debrecen were inaugurated as doctors on Saturday. At the ceremony, more than fifty new doctors of Hungarian and foreign nationality took their oath and received their diplomas.

- The newly graduated doctors have the modern knowledge that enables them to meet the high expectations of doctors, and they have also proved that they are worthy of the medical profession not only because of their professional qualifications but also because of their human qualities," said László Mátyus, Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, in his speech.

More than 50 Hungarian and foreign students graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine.

After the swearing-in ceremony, they were awarded the title of Doctor of General Medicine at the ceremony on Saturday.

- We, the Vice-Rector of the University of Debrecen and the Senate, by virtue of our official authority, today confer on you the title of Doctor of Medicine, as a reward for your studies, and confer on you all the rights and privileges which the law confers on doctors of medicine - said Vice-Rector László Csernoch, welcoming the doctors.

The freshly inaugurated doctor, Salignac Brasil Felipe, was awarded the Rector's Certificate of Recognition for his efficient and conscientious work for the University of Debrecen. Eight recently graduated students received DETEP Diplomas for their work in the university's talent management programme (Csaba Csikos, Barbara Hinnah, Greta Kemenes, Ajene Comfort-Lucia, Albalushi Sarvinoz, Nahas Ahmad, Nellamkuzhi Noel Johny, Ung Nhat Minh Tam).

Barbara Hinnah was awarded a certificate of recognition for her excellent performance in the Sántha Kálmán College's training programme.  
The Faculty awarded the Distinguished Teacher Medal to Dezső Tóth, Director of the Institute of Surgery, in recognition of his effective work in practical training.

Professor László Bognár has been awarded the degree Pro Facultate in recognition of his outstanding work as head of the Department of Neurosurgery. The faculty has awarded the Pro Facultate Iuventutis degree to Felipe Salignac Brasil, MD, in recognition of his outstanding academic and public activities.

Csaba Csikos and Gréta Kemenes received the István Weszprémi Memorial Medal and Prize for their outstanding academic achievements, their outstanding academic work in the Scientific Student Circle and their outstanding participation in local and national scientific student congresses. 

The ceremony also included the granting of the Prof. Dr. Miklós Asztalos Scholarships, which are awarded to five medical students each year in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements, scientific and public activities (Martin Adorján Dávid, Lídia Gömöri, Rosa Helena Rubina, Mihály Székely, and Noémi Hudák).

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