Further Training at the Summer School

Teachers and workers of the Debrecen Summer School (Nyári Egyetem) undergo regular training. Some have recently gained some experience abroad, which they can later use in their work.

Staff working in the office of the institution that teaches Hungarian as a foreign language sat behind desks to experience what it feels like to participate in a language course and related  progmammes as students.

In addition to learning a language, they could  see how registration and cultural and gastronomy programmes were organised in the foreign host institution.

In addition to language learning, some of the staff also took part in a culinary course in France, some others studied wine making in Portugal, still others learnt English-language business communication in Cambridge.

Director of the Summer School, Péter Szaffkó, studied the functioning of the Utrecht Summer School, where four thousand participants study on courses.

- There were things that we thought we do exactly like them, and then there were some things where, having learnt from our experience, we are going to change our established practice. It is definitely very beneficial to see our foreign counterparts’ work and we are pleased to have taken part in this K1 tender „Language- culture- diversity: gaining in vivo experience in European adult education”, financed by the European Union, - the Director said.

Not only office staff, but teachers, too, are  studying. Also financed by the EU’s Erasmus+ Progrmamme, six teachers of the Summer School underwent training abroad within the framework of the ICT4LWUL tender.

They learnt about preparing online teaching materials in Cluj, Rumania, about using social media in langugae teaching in Florence, Italy, and about using smart phones in language teaching in Prague.

Based on what they have learnt, the teachers will prepare teaching materials, which will be turned into freely downloadable handbooks in every teaching institution. Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Italian, Czech and Latvian experts participated in the programme, also creating excellent opportunities for networking.

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