The first meeting of the Advisory Board of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen was held on 8 July 2021. The event was also attended by the members of the Supervisory Committee, the asset controller, the auditor and the secretary of the Advisory Board.

Dear University Citizens!

As per the relevant decision of the Parliament, from 1 August 2021 the University of Debrecen will be maintained for the benefit of the public by the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen. Managed by a 5-member Advisory Board, the Foundation will carry out its duties with the autonomy of UD maintained with respect to education, research and innovation as well.

In line with the purpose of the Foundation, the primary duty of the Advisory Board will be to support and facilitate the educational, research and medical activities carried out in the framework of tertiary education in Debrecen, which have achieved international recognition over the centuries. Priority will also be given to improving the vertical innovation structure already established with businesses (from research labs to series production), and to harmonizing this process with civil and public organisations and elected bodies.

Owing to its strong community spirit, UD, as an educational institution, is highly reputable. The huge number of Hungarian and foreign students attending UD presents challenges not only in terms of educational infrastructure, but also in terms of HR aspects regarding teachers working in degree programmes or taking part in postgraduate educational activities. Improving international presence and excellence will be one of the main goals in the years to come, which will require the improvement of the multidisciplinary approach and diversity of UD. In this regard, we will strongly count on the highly educated and experienced teachers and researchers of the university. We will need to apply the principles of responsibility, resilience and transparency in all areas of asset management, while improving the financial situation of the university.

Just like before, our success in the future will depend on the integrated operation of the university, including cooperation between faculties and central units, which we are determined to further improve, and we also have to establish stronger links in the region and with innovative businesses. The key elements of this integrated operation are the National Library, public education institutions, centres for innovation, the industrial park, cultural and sports organisations, and the dormitories, which highly affects students’ everyday lives. These are key elements of the diverse university life at UD.

The Advisory Board is a democratic body that makes decisions based on core principles of  European culture like dialectics and rationality. Through the approach it applies, the Board strengthens the autonomy of education and research, and the independence of elected bodies in professional matters. The Advisory Board informs university citizens on its activities on a regular basis, and relies on feedback in its efforts to serve the interest of the public.

In the course of performing its activities aimed at improving the quality of education and serving the interest of the public, the Advisory Board gives high priority to the further improvement of university life and the services offered to students, and to the selection and management of talents. To this end, UD will continue to rely on the contribution of student representatives to the work of university bodies, and recommend one of them to be member of the 3-member Public Benefit Supervisory Committee based on the recommendation of the students’ government.

We are confident that the new structure of operation will help maintain the results already achieved by UD, contribute to further improvement, maintain the ongoing stability of our prestigious university and facilitate its diverse development. On behalf of the Advisory Board:

Kossa György

Advisory Board of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen: György Kossa; Members of the Board: Zoltán Szilvássy, Tibor Szólláth, György Balla and Kálmán Győry. Chairman of the Supervisory Committee: Ildikó Dékán Tamásné Orbán: Members of the Committee: József Mészáros and László Mancsiczky. Asset controller of the Foundation: Géza Béla László, auditor: Vilmos Wessely, secretary: Zoltán Bács.

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