The results of a university survey initiated by the Faculty of Economics and Business, which focused on the e-learning system introduced in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2019/20 due to the Covid pandemic, have revealed that students at UD are satisfied with the system.

More than 25,000 students of the University of Debrecen were asked to complete the survey about the e-learning system between 9 June and 2 July in the Neptun. About 7,000 students responded. From most faculties, about 30 percent of students completed the survey. Foreign students were very active with 1,555 respondents. 88.6 percent of the respondents are involved in full-time programmes.

- The participation rate has surpassed our expectations. UD is committed to providing high-quality education. In this special situation that we are in now due to the pandemic, it is important to collect feedback from our students about the strengths and weaknesses of our e-learning system – said Veronika Fenyves, vice dean for educational affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Business to

According to the anonymous responses, 97% of students have a computer, and 95% have broadband internet connection.

- Most of the students have praised the e-learning system, with 95. 9 percent indicating that they would like to use the system in the future, too. Easy access to all educational material helped 94.7 percent in their studies. In case of a further pandemic situation, 79.5% would prefer attending online classes – said the associate professor.

The development of the e-learning system introduced on 23 March was started a couple of years before the pandemic. When the disease came, the capacity of the servers was quadrupled.

- UD continuously improves its e-learning system. Owing to the new version released in September, the system has become faster, and offers more storage capacity to teachers. Most of the students have been using the E-learning webinar and the Cisco Webex applications. These are systems they have found most suitable in distant learning.

The survey was carried out with the involvement of the Students' Union of UD and was coordinated by the Centre for Student Relations and Services.

- Based on the results of the survey, students of the University of Debrecen were absolutely satisfied with the performance of the E-learning system of the university during the pandemic situation. The university is able to meet the demands of students in terms of distant learning and most of our students have the necessary technical background – said Veronika Fenyves, vice dean for educational affairs of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Out of the respondents, 150 students will win four daily tickets for the "Hangos" stadium concerts.

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