UD Studyversity has been updated

The application of the University of Debrecen for students has been expanded with new functions. As a result of the improvements, the system sends users the most important information in push messages, with the UD Community Space creating a new way for students for ongoing contact.

Since the launch of UD Studyversity, more than 15,000 users have downloaded the unique application of the UD. The application has now been updated with a new version. Szilvia Vincze, director of the Web Portal, Application Development and CIS Center (WAV), and manager of the development, told hirek.unideb.hu that the application has been made more enjoyable using gamification strategies based on responses to questionnaires as well as users’ experience in the case of the present function extension, too. Following the update, UD Studyverstiy has been expanded with two niche functions.

- During on-line education, many people also used the app in their homes and used their mobile phones mainly because of the social media functions, which is why we decided to perform development in this area. The newly created UD Community Space menu item allows students to find a companion for any of their leisure activities, from walking a dog to going to the theater – and screening options enable them to find even students in their own faculty. The profile created in the community space allows them to specify how they can be contacted; Szilvia Vincze explained the new feature.

The head of the Center of WAV also revealed that the previously introduced mood reporting option is so popular that an event is now being planned to expand the reward system to include the Event Coordination and Alumni Center, which supports the initiative, so users can expect further special university gifts.

- The Neptun integration functions of UD Studyversity are very popular, we are also working on their development, but we have filled an important gap with the other innovation. With the help of push messages students can be informed about recent news and important information immediately; this way they will be up-to-date without even opening the application, Szilvia Vincze emphasized.   

The new features, which are available both in Hungarian and English, are available in the latest version of UD Studyversity, which can be downloaded to both Android and iOS devices.

Press Office - TPL