UD Student Writes Himself into the History of Sport

Liu Shaoang, who studies sports management at the Faculty of Economics and Business of UD, won four gold medals at the short-track speed skating world championship in Montreal. The 24-year-old athlete of Ferencváros won the 500m, the 1500m and the 1000m races, and defended his overall title.

After winning his first individual gold medal in Beijing at the winter Olympic Games, the youngest of the Liu brothers wrote himself into the history of sports at the short-track speed-skating world championship again. No Hungarian athlete has ever achieved such a great success at a world championship in this sport. What is more, in the history of the sport there had been only one athlete before him, Kim Tong Szungh from South Korea, who won all the three distances and the overall time as well. It was 20 years ago, also in Montreal.

The double Olympic champion Liu Shaoang won 13 out of his 14 races at the world championship, and finished 7th only in the 3000m super final, which was already a no-stakes race for him.

In total, he is actually a 6-time world champion, for he had already had the overall and the 500m title, when he entered these races, and won two gold medals on Saturday and a further two on Sunday.

To recognize his outstanding achievement at the Olympics and in the area of sports, the Student Council of the University of Debrecen awarded Liu the Excellent Student of the University of Debrecen title late March.

Press Office – PKZs
Photo: ISU