New masters course at the Faculty of Health

A unique English-language master course was announced to be launched by the Faculty of Health at a press conference on Monday at the Nyíregyháza campus. The Social Work and Social Economy course (SOWOSEC) will start in September 2020 and is conducted by a cooperation of seven European universities.

The international masters has been available in Hungarian since 2010 at the Faculty of Health, the English-language course is scheduled to start next September primarily for international students.

“Both the Hungarian-language and the English-language course are operated by the cooperation of seven European universities, and concluded by a jointly issued degree.  Hungary is represented in this collaboration by the Faculty of Health,  University of Debrecen”, said Mrs Anita Fedor Rusin, Vice-Dean of General and Scientific Affairs at the press conference on 11th November.

The Social Work and Social Economy masters course is the second English-language programme of the Faculty of Health following the Health Social Work course available since 2017. The vice-dean considers the launch of the new English-language course a significant point in the expansion of international relations.

“The two-year master’s course is unique and fills a gap in national higher education. The aim of the course is to enable students to communicate with institutions or organizations, for the creation and management of projects, and establish international relationships. The English-language programme starts in a fee-paying form, but students can apply for several scholarships”, said Gergely Fábián, Head of Department at the Department of Social Sciences and programme coordinator of Social Work and Social Economy master course.

Between 4 and 14 November the directors of international education organize an international course on the challenges and future of social economy at the Nyíregyháza campus of the university. Questions regarding the future of social economy and its challenges are in the main focus of the 10-day course. The goal of the course is to familiarize participating students, who are the hopeful professionals and future leaders of social economy organizations, with the practices of individual countries, operating local social enterprises, as well as adaptable models. Participants of the programme acquire knowledge of economic stimulus of EU tenders, basics of project planning, construction of intervention plans, possibilities of cooperation, and supervision of work efficiency.

The lectures of the conference are held by the teachers of the Faculty of Health and guest experts from the United States, Slovakia, Czech Republic and North Macedonia for international and Hungarian students of the faculty, and master’s students of partner universities.

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