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A Tudományos és Társadalmi Tanácsadó Testület [Scientific and Social Advisory Board] of fifty-seven members supporting the work of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen (GTIDEA), which operates and maintains the University of Debrecen, has been established. At the inaugural meeting on Wednesday, the dignitaries from Hungary and abroad making up the board introduced themselves and received their credentials at the same time.

Nobel Prize-winning American scientist and pharmacologist Louis Joseph Ignarro, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who shared the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery of the physiological effects of nitric oxide, as well as members of the Nobel Prize Committee, professors from renowned foreign universities, Hungarian academicians, university professors, the former rector of the University of Debrecen and a number of internationally renowned experts have accepted the invitation to become members of the Scientific and Social Advisory Board established for the further development of the University of Debrecen.

At its meeting held on 9 December 2021, the Senate of the University of Debrecen made a decision regarding the preferred candidate for the position of Rector. The Senate recommended the appointment of Zoltán Szilvássy as Rector by the Board of Trustees of the foundation maintaining the university. The Senate also made decisions about the launch of new courses, business partnerships, and the amendment of several regulations.

A body consisting of 71 persons, 30 meetings, 1125 resolutions – these are some of the most important numbers in connection with the currently outgoing Senate of the University of Debrecen. The last session of Senate in its current composition was held on 15 December, where memories of the past few