The Senate Cycle in Numbers

A body consisting of 71 persons, 30 meetings, 1125 resolutions – these are some of the most important numbers in connection with the currently outgoing Senate of the University of Debrecen. The last session of Senate in its current composition was held on 15 December, where memories of the past few

The 71-member Senate of the University of Debrecen met in the framework of 30 sessions held between 2013 and 2016. During this time, the full-scale integration of the institution has been completed, and the educational offering was extended with 37 new degree and dual education programmes. The chancellor’s system was introduced, the consistorium was formed, the Faculty of Economics was created from the merger of two former faculties, “Kossuth Lajos” Demonstration Grammar and Primary School was established from three legal predecessors, and the integration of Kenézy Hospital was also started.  

Over the past four years, more than 3 million patients were treated at the university clinics, with the total number of treatments being close to 11 million. The university has won grants in the total amount of almost 37 billion Hungarian forints, and its budget increased from 84 billion to 106 billion Hungarian forints. Eight new statues were inaugurated, new facilities included DESOK, the SET centre, the Food Processing Industry Education Centre, HALL, and the smart classrooms of the university, and the Unibike system was also pioneered.

With the participation of the prime minister, the university held a centennial opening of the academic year jointly with the Reformed Theological University, while György Habsburg, Lajos Mocsai and Rudolf Schuster received the titles of honorary citizens and honorary doctors of the university. The officers of the Student Government have been re-elected, the university website was completely overhauled, and the institutions a number of unique events, such as the Football University of Debrecen, the Handball Goalkeeper Coaches’ Conference, and yoUDay. The short film produced by the Press Office and the Multimedia Competence Centre summarized the most important and most memorable moments of the work of the Senate with the help of the Uni-Eye System.


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