Uzbek health industry partner

The University of Debrecen concluded an agreement with the Uzbek government on the introduction of educational programmes in pharmacy in Uzbekistan, as well as on the promotion of joint educational, research, development, and programmes.

The head of Uzbek pharmaceutical development agency, Sardor Kariev, was received at the university by rector Zoltán Szilvássy, on Tuesday. At the meeting, among other things, they discussed the educational and research portfolio of the University of Debrecen in the field of pharmaceutical science, as well as the nationally unique pharmaceutical cluster created by the institution. The rector emphasised that there was a long period of preparatory work leading to the present agreement.

“Discussions with Fluart, as the university’s corporate partner, are under way on the launch of small-molecular pharmaceutical production in Uzbekistan. In creating the necessary pharmaceutical work culture, they count on the University of Debrecen, not primarily as a higher education institution, but as the entity leading Pharmapolis Debrecen Innovative Pharmaceutical Cluster, the only pharmaceutical industry cluster in Hungary. The University of Debrecen has excellent traditions in the field of education required for industrial processes,” emphasised Szilvássy in connection with the agreement. The leader of the university added that the University of Debrecen owes its proficiency in this area to the pharmaceutical cluster, through the collaborative work with large industrial companies.

Zoltán Szilvássy expressed his hope that the number of Uzbek students studying at the University of Debrecen would increase in the future.

Sardor Kariev, director of the Uzbek Pharmaceutical Development Agency, said that the University of Debrecen is one of Hungary’s leading higher education institutions, with significant traditions in the field of pharmaceutical training and the health industry.

“Pharmaceutical science and industry are developing very dynamically in Uzbekistan, and so there is a great need for well-trained professionals. In the framework of the agreements, it is possible for Uzbek students and faculty members to acquire the necessary knowledge at the University of Debrecen. The institution provides scientific support in three areas: biotechnology, pharmacy and agriculture,“ said Sardor Kariev. The latter is also supported by the agreement that was signed on Wednesday at the 6th meeting of the Hungarian-Uzbek Intergovernmental Economic Cooperation Committee in Budapest by the leaders of the University of Debrecen and representatives of Uzbekistan’s ministry responsible for higher education affairs.

Participants at the meeting on Tuesday also included Dávid Greskovits, President of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association, who emphasised that the Uzbek pharmaceutical market is about to develop significantly, making it a very attractive destination country for Hungarian pharmaceutical operators – both manufacturers and those interested in research and development.

“We have a very serious cluster association with the University of Debrecen. We conduct joint research and develop activities, and work together on projects where the University of Debrecen provides the necessary knowledge base, the educational and training profile, and we provide the development and production side,” said Dávid Greskovits.

The University of Debrecen currently has seven students from Uzbekistan.

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