Start of a New Academic Year at the University of Debrecen

“Neptun” code, DEKa-card, freshers’ camp, registration, choosing subjects, opening ceremony – countless tasks await freshers before the start of the academic year.

In this year’s course of recruitment, 6,278 applicants were accepted by the University of Debrecen, making it the second most popular institute of higher education nationally. 3,679 students were admitted to the BA, 1,131 to the MA, 743 into undivided programmes, and 725 students gained acceptance into higher-level vocational training. 5,189 students received state scholarships, while 1,089 are self-financing. All in all, nearly thirty thousand students – including more than four thousand international students – will start their new academic year in September.

The decision on admission to the university – in de form of a link – along with all necessary information about the registration, has already been sent to all the freshmen in an electronic form and by mail. Students can make all the needed administration step-by-step and explained on this website.

“It is likely that most of the freshers have not received their notifications by mail, yet they have already done everything electronically. This is proved by the fact that in five days, more than four thousand would-be students already requested their DEKa-cards,” says János Végső, chief counsellor of Student’s Administration Center (SAC).

That is to say that SAC sent a Neptun code via e-mail to each student, with which students can create a network ID (eduID), in order to have access to the university’s electronic network. Upon the registration of the network ID, all students have to request their free university card after uploading their photo, and, at the same time, a personal university e-mail will be created for each student, on which they will receive all official notifications from the institute. Along the mailing service, each fresher can download the Office365 Academic A2 Students pack free of charge.

There are tasks, however, that cannot, or that are not advised to be done electronically, including the freshers’ camp and the registration, without which one cannot truly be a citizen of the university.

“Registration to the DE HÖK freshers’ camp, which will be held in two turns, from 29 August to 2 September and from 5 September to 9 September, is still open until 19 August. Along the chance to  meet their would-be classmates and to participate in all kinds of activities, students will be given information about the start of their studies, official tasks (handing out the DEKa cards, information on academic issues, foreign language courses, library registration, the use of the Neptun system, choosing of subjects, etc.) will be done too,” emphasised Barbara Szabó, head of the PR and Press Office of DE HDK.

Registration is also held during the freshers’ camp, on 30 August and on 6 September, according to the schedule of the registrar’s offices of the various faculties. Each student has to be present personally, or send someone with proper authorization.

After these, there are other two dates that are important for every fresher. On 11 September, at 11 o’clock, the freshers will take their oaths at the opening ceremony of the University of Debrecen, held in the Főnix Sports Hall. And, on the 28 September, at 7 pm, the institute invites all their present and former students, teachers, workers and associates to a grand year-opening-show. For the first time, the University of Debrecen organizes “yoUDay,” to be held in the Nagyerdei Stadium, where among diverse activities, musical guests Csík Zenekar, Kowalsky meg a Vega, Charlie, Vera Tóth and Csaba Vastag will be on stage.
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