Revolution of smart devices at the Faculty of Engineering (MK)

This has been the eighth time that the Department of Mechatronics of the Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen (UD) has staged its professional event „Engineering and Mechatronics EEMC’21” on October 27-29 with the motto “Revolution of Smart Devices Containing Mechanical Components”.

At the three-day meeting on the Ótemető Street campus, the most important international trends related to the field of science were presented in lectures, not only for the narrow professional group, since, due to online broadcasting, everyone interested in the technical field were able to follow the events.

The central theme of the event was what new knowledge and skills future mechatronics engineers need to possess as employees to be able to meet the professional expectations of large companies operating in Debrecen, the country or even beyond our borders.

"By now we are used to being surrounded by smart phones, TVs and watches, but the time is approaching when self-driving cars and robots will become part of our everyday lives, as everything is mechatronics nowadays," said Géza Husi in his opening remarks. The dean of the Faculty of Technology (MK) emphasized: In Debrecen, due to the continuously developing and expanding industrialization, we live in serious symbiosis with the industrial actors, from whom education also receives serious professional and material support; therefore we shape our trainings according to their special needs in return.

- Accordingly, we place more emphasis on electronic design and the use of Internet-based tools in the basic training, and on image and signal processing at the master's level, as well as on the machine learning algorithms that support them, - Géza Husi emphasized.

- In addition to this, we wish to strengthen the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning in other relevant trainings of the faculty, as we believe that this knowledge will be indispensable for future mechanical and vehicle engineers and technical managers, based on the industrial investments implemented so far and the companies’ ideas in Debrecen - Tamás Péter Szemes Head of the Department of Mechatronics, Faculty of Mechatronics.

The event was addressed by Pavol Bauer, Professor of the Department of Sustainable Electricity at Delft University of Technology, who is also President of the Power Electric and Motion Control Council (PEMC-C) under the auspices of IEEE, the world's largest professional organization. During his stay in Debrecen, negotiations began on how UD could cooperate with the organization dealing with the research of innovative drive technologies.

The professional meeting was also attended by speakers from the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia.

At the conference, the participants of the program discussed the current issues of industry-oriented mechatronics training and the latest results in the field in a special section.

The three-day event was opened at the University of Debrecen Engineering Faculty Charts Wednesday's opening day, which this year running the institution scientific and outstanding performance in the field of educational work George Abraham, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics professor emeritus, as well as for his support to start up the University of Debrecen mechatronics training Huba Antal, honorary professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The program was implemented with the support of the DAB Technical Committee within the framework of the EFOP 3.4.3-16-2016-00021 tender "Development of the University of Debrecen in order to jointly improve the quality and accessibility of higher education".

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