Debrecen Welcomes Young Musicians Again

Almost 200 young artists will be able to learn about the secrets of instrumental music by taking the master courses held by world-famous artist-teachers between July 14 and 23 at Ifjú Zeneművészek Nemzetközi Nyári Akadémiája [Young Musicians’ Summer Academy].

Applications have been received from 22 countries for the program that is recognized and widely acclaimed all over the world and is going to be offered for the seventeenth time by Debreceni Egyetem Zeneművészeti Kara [Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen].

“No university program can be complete if it does not offer the broadest palette of rendering cultural values, which is why it is important that our institution is hosting yet another high-ranking international event. The Faculty of Music provides such a program that gives the young musicians inspiration on the one hand and, at the same time, treats the audience to top-quality experience in music on the other hand,” said László Csernoch, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at the press conference held on July 6 to present YMSA to the media. 

At the string, wind, and percussion master courses of the academy, young and gifted individuals work intensely to develop their skills and they also participate in the work of Kodály Zoltán Ifjúsági Világzenekar [Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra].

“Our Summer Academy is an amalgamation of permanence and constant change at the same time, as the basic concept of the program has not changed from the beginning at all. Nevertheless, in addition to those who keep coming back for more, we always get new arrivals to join in the fun, which shows that we have a decent reputation in the world of music,” said Mihály Duffek. The Dean of the Faculty of Music also noted the importance of the fact that Kodály Zoltán Ifjúsági Világzenekar would be able to prepare for its concert series this year under the direction of Tamás Vásáry again.

“Permanence is featured through this component, too, as one surefire aspect of the repertoire that gets redesigned from year to year is that one piece by Zoltán Kodály will surely be part of the program,” added Mihály Duffek.

During the course of their stay, the artists, who have performed in famous concert halls all over the world, will, in addition to giving the master courses, will also perform at gala events in the Liszt Hall of the Faculty of Music, which are free for the general public to enjoy.

“The opening concert of the series called Zenés esték a Nagyerdőn [Music Nights in Debrecen’s Big Forest] will be given after the official opening ceremony of the Summer Academy, on Friday, July 14, at 7 p.m. The same time frame also includes the art opening of the exhibition of photographer Tamás Szigeti, who will present snapshots and portraits of famous musicians, just like he did last year,” said Artistic Director Judit Váradi about the events scheduled.

A special treat for music lovers will be Petrovics Emil Énekverseny [Singing Competition in Honor of Emil Petrovics], which is unique in Hungary due to fact that only pieces written by contemporary composers are allowed to be performed in it. Another special feature this year will be the return to Debrecen of Virág Dezső, a dance instructor and a native of Debrecen, who combines modern mime, song and instrumental music with the art of dancing in her master course.

The closing concert of the Academy will be given on July 23 in the venue Kölcsey Központ, following which the orchestra will be taking a tour at home and abroad. The Sunday concert of the world youth orchestra is going to be covered and broadcast live by DE Multimédia Kompetencia Központ [Multimedia Competence Center of the University of Debrecen].

The following day, on the 24th, they are scheduled to appear in the Bratislava concert venue called Szlovák Rádió Nagyterme [Grand Hall of Slovakian Radio], while on the 25th of July, they will be performing in Galánta’s Városi Művelődési Központ [Municipal Cultural Center].  July 26 is the date of their Budapest gig in Városmajor, whereas on the 27th, they will be winding up the tour in Eisenstadt, in Haydn Hall of Esterházy Kastély [Esterházy Castle]. 

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