Campus Festival: announcements and preparations

It is already the fifteenth Campus Festival in Debrecen that local organizers are preparing for this year. On Thursday, they announced that almost exactly 12 years after his first visit, Marcus Füreder, aka Parov Stelar, would also return to Debrecen's Big Forest. The University of Debrecen is also busy preparing for the jubilee summer event.

The organizers of Campus Festival are preparing a range of extra features and surprises for this summer. The stage schedule of the six largest music venues is already available in a daily breakdown, which shows that “Campus” will be a festival with the most diverse and ambitious music offerings, satisfying all tastes on a scale from popular to underground. Just like last year, Generation Z's favorite style trends, hip-hop, rap and trap, will have a stage of their own. Rock and metal music will await visitors in a special venue, offering performances by stars of the Hungarian scene, including living legends as well as new talents of rock, metal and blues. In addition to the music offer containing special treats, those interested in other art forms will also be catered for, as there are going to be more than four hundred different items in the program offer.

The organizers made the most recent announcement about additional performers on Thursday, March 23. It is now public knowledge that Parov Stelar, the number one “pioneer” of the electro-swing style, which blends the jazzy sound of the 1920s with electronic music, will take the stage with his band at the Jubilee Campus on July 21. This means that the headliner for this year's main stage is now complete, comprising German star DJ Robin Schulz and French diva ZAZ, who normally mixes chanson, jazz and soul as her signature combination.

In addition to world stars, further performers of international fame coming were also named, including André Tanneberger (popularly known as ATB), the German DJ phenomenon who has been constantly among the elite of the international electronic music scene since the 90s. The list continues with the craziest rapper in Eastern Europe, Estonian-born Tommy Cash, Ukrainian stoner-rock icons Stoned Jesus, the English Kerala Dust, who blends techno with live instruments and psychedelic rock and blues, and dance diva Minelli, who immediately got on the international hit-parade charts in 2021 with her line dance number “Rampampam.”

The jubilee event, which will begin on July 19, will offer entertainment to visitors on four consecutive evenings in the unique Nagyerdő [Big Forest] environment, at the best equipped festival location in Hungary with the highest proportion of stage-front areas in the shade. Today, Campus is one of Hungary's major cultural events in the summer, which was visited by only about 27,000 people when it started, as opposed to the audience count of 116,000 last year. The bash has grown steadily over the years. In 2001, it all started out as Vekeri-tó Fesztivál [Lake Vekeri Festival], while in 2007, as the owner of the right to organize Egyetemisták és Főiskolások Országos Találkozója [National Meeting of University and College Students] (EFOTT), it was hosted on a much larger scale in Erdőspuszták [verbatim: Forest Steppes], located a few kilometers outside Debrecen. In 2008, it was still held at the same location, but already under the name of Campus Festival, while in 2009, it moved to Nagyerdő. Since then, together with the University of Debrecen and with the support of the local government of Debrecen, it has provided safe, high-quality and free-spirited recreational opportunities for more and more people every summer, except for the pandemic-ridden times around 2020.
As in previous years, the University of Debrecen is planning a program venue called University Square this year, too, where the representatives of individual faculties and institutional units will entertain festival-goers with colorful and interesting offerings while presenting the various fields of education as well as research and university life in an easy-to-understand and playful way. At the same time, our institution also continues to put great emphasis on the dissemination of technical information concerning  enrollment and academic programs.

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