Faculty of Informatics (IK): double degree and data lab

A joint Big Data research lab has been established by the University of Debrecen and the Guangxi University of Finance and Economics. The two institutions are also planning to launch dual degree programmes in IT, Economics and Mathematics.

Big Data research and application development opportunities were discussed at an international conference hosted by Guangxi University of Finance and Economics (GUFE) and institutions from countries associated with the „One Belt, One Road” initiative, including the University of Debrecen, and on the Xiangsihu campus of the China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. creating the new digital silk road supported by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Province.

At a meeting in late September, experts discussed the possibilities of applying and developing Big Data technologies in the financial, logistics, medical and other industries at an international level. Representatives of universities, governmental institutions and companies attending the conference reported on their experience, development opportunities, planned academic exchange programmes in the field, and visited the Digital Guangxi Group and China-ASEAN Information Harbor.

András Hajdu, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen gave a lecture at the event "Strategy of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Debrecen". Assistant professors of the university Balázs Harangi and Máté Domicián were invited to be part of the delegation of Hungarian researchers. The conference was also the inauguration of the Big Data Joint Research Center jointly established by the University of Debrecen and GUFE.

- This is a huge opportunity for us, as the Guangxi University of Finance and Economics is the knowledge base for China-ASEAN Information Harbor in the region, hence we can also get to know and shape the Big Data technologies used in Southeast Asia's commerce and economy. Data science is an extremely dynamic field of information technology, and the University of Debrecen does not want to be at a disadvantage. That is why we are working on launching dual-degree courses with GUFE, which may well be the waiting room of the University of Debrecen's own data science training, said Dean András Hajdu with reference to the joint research center.

It is planned that three courses at the University of Debrecen will be offered in double degree in Nanning: Faculty of Informatics Program Designer (BSc) with GUFE Big Data Science, Economics Informatics (BSc) with GUFE Information Management and Information System and Faculty of Science and Technology in Mathematics (BSc) specialising in Financial Mathematics with a degree in GUFE Financial Mathematics. Discussions are still ongoing between the two institutions on the details of joint training.

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