UniPass: Expanding Range of Special Offers

The UniPass card management system of UD is unique in Hungary. It has been part of the everyday life of university citizens for nearly ten years. Card holders can use the services of over 50 partners, and the number of card-accepting places is increasing.

Every year, more than 10,000 cards are made in the UniPass Card Management Centre of UD. The card has been available for first-year students for eight years. Because of the beginning of the semester, the centre changed the normal routine of producing cards every two weeks, and speeded it up. By mid-September, around 6,000 cards had been produced.

The multifunctional university card was first introduced in 2013. Today it allows the use of services that everyone needs, including library membership, sports club membership and buying clothes. In addition to special offers, UniPass can also be used as a means of payment since 2017. Currently, card holders can enjoy special offers in 100 shops of 50 partners in 25 towns.

- UD is the only university Hungary that offers such a wide range of services available with UniPass. It is a good thing that the demand for the available services is growing. The number pf the card-accepting places is growing, which means a continuously increasing and ever-more colourful offer to card holders. – Andrea Fülöp told hirek.unideb.hu.
One of the most popular partners in the project is LIBRI, which offers special prices in eight shops located in Budapest and in campus towns. Another high-profile agreement has been signed with PRAKTIKER, which offers a ten percent discount to any customer who has a UniPass.

The university card can also be used in Unifit, the fitness centre of the university and at the matches of DEAC. It also gives a special price on UniBike, which is highly popular among international students, functions as a membership card at the university library, and can be used as an entrance card in the dormitories. Holders can also pay with the card in the Nagyerdei Water Tower, and at campus Festival. Card holders can enter the bowling bar at the Kassai street campus with a 30 percent discount. They can visit the botanical garden for free and the Agora Centre at a discount price. Many shops in the FÓRUM plaza have joined the programme.

Andrea Fülöp pointed out that the number of card-accepting places has grown with the addition of two major places. The Déri Museum and the Csokonai Theatre offer 20 and 12 percent discounts, respectively. These are key names this year, but the centre has plans for the future, too.
- We have conducted IT development continuously in recent years, and we are planning to  increase the number of accepting locations. This is an opportunity that is available to anyone. We seek to inform card holders on the range of services. Our Facebook page also provides information on partners – said the head of the centre.

Requesting a card is as easy as using it. If a university citizen has a network ID, they just have to upload a profile photo, and choose one of the available 22 background pictures.

Students can collect their cards from the Students’ Administration Centre at the offices in Böszörményi Street, Egyetem Square, and Kassai Street. Before using the cards as a means of payment, they have to be activated.

More information on requesting and using the card and on checking current balance are available at the UniPass website.

Press Centre – BZ