Major events, a record number of articles, and a tragic loss – The Press Centre of the University of Debrecen has closed a demanding but successful year. The Centre that has been named after the late Ildiko M. Tóth who led the Centre and died last year released about a thousand university articles, and contributed to over 30,000 media appearances.

In 2022, the PC published articles on UD research projects, UD’s international rankings, the recognition of Katalin Karikó’s great work and her donation, the humanitarian activity of the university in Subcarpathia, the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the opening of the new building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the launch of the pop music programme, which is unique in Hungary, and the successes of DEAC teams, among other topics. The University of Debrecen was mentioned and referred to in about 30,000 articles and news in the national and local media.

The Press Centre published about 1,000 articles at in 2022, 40 percent more than in 2021. After 2014, this was the year when the highest number of articles was published, not to mention the photo galleries about 1,100 events.

The most popular news reported about important university events, developments, research findings, publications, changes in the organisational structure, awards and appointments. had over 820,000 page views.

The public media also reported on the events of UD, including interviews with UD researchers and teachers. About 2,000 references were made to UD.

As usual, DEAC was a major topic of the articles. News about the university sport club appeared in the media about 15,000 times. The club also announced the launch of three new divisions (fencing, cross-country running, and horse riding). Today, DEAC has as many as 31 divisions.

News about various university-related topics, research programmes and events attracted huge attention. Journalists who wanted to write a related article or make an interview contacted the Press Centre about 800 times to ask for assistance.
In the first half of the year, the most popular topics included the development of the Clinical Centre, the help provided to Ukrainian refugees, cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and Enjoy Robotics Plc., Krones, and Siemens, the development of implant material at UD, Katalin Karikó’s donation, the establishment of the Department of Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology, the charity concert organised in the Reformed Great Church to help Ukrainian refugees, and the opening of the fencing hall and the martial arts hall.

In the second part of the year, the topics that attracted huge media attention included the launch of the space science programme, convocation ceremonies, the agreements made between the Faculty of Humanities, Yettel and MODEM, the establishment of the Integrated Rheumatology Clinic, the establishment of the Scientific and Social Advisory Board that will help the work of the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen, the launch of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the opening of the E-sport Centre, the 60th anniversary of the Hydrobiological degree programme, and the establishment of the Institute of Chemistry.

News about UD’s position in the international rankings, and on how drones and 3D printing is used in architecture was also popular.

Articles also reported on the first graduated pilots, the development of “smart diagnosis”, the arrival of a new super computer, the launch of the pop music programme and the related show, the major developments started at the Dóczy street sport facility, the performances of the company of oDEon that is comprised of international students and UD staff members, and of course on yoUDay, the unique academic year-opening stadium show of UD.

The staff of the UD Ildikó M. Tóth Press Centre is grateful for the help of leaders, teachers, researchers and other associates of UD in the production of reports and articles, and highly appreciates the contribution of local and national media workers to increasing university media presence.

We wish a merry Christmas and a happy, successful new year to all of you!

UD Ildikó M. Tóth Press Centre