Dance Challenge in the Kindergarten

More than 145 thousand viewers have seen the Jerusalema dance challenge clip of Practice Kindergarten of the UD posted at the largest video sharing website of the world. All the employees working for the Hajdúböszörmény-based institution joined the initiative voluntarily without exception.

Kindergarten pedagogues, nurses, child-care assistants and members of the technical staff dance to the song of the South African Master KG and Nomcembo on the corridors, in the gym and in other venues in the Jerusalema video clip posted by Debreceni Egyetem (DE) Gyakorló Óvodája (Practice Kindergarten of the University of Debrecen). Their intention was to generate some happiness and joy in the tense quotidian routine of the pandemic.

“Our practice kindergarten has always been happy to support social solidarity initiatives. In addition to encouraging a positive sense of life, this video also displays the cohesive power of our community,” said Beáta Balogh to

The director of DE Gyakorló Óvodája also revealed how enthusiastically everybody featured in the clip practiced and rehearsed the dance steps. The shooting of the video took two hours, with the employees of the kindergarten taking turns behind the camera, while the editing of the material was then taken care of by kindergarten pedagogue Péter Nagy.

The clip was posted on the net on April 16, and it has received more than 1600 likes so far.

Find the Jerusalema dance challenge video clip of DE Gyakorló Óvodája at this link.

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