90-year-old Tamás Vásáry celebrated by the summer academy

Over one hundred and sixty student musicians from all over the world, from nineteen countries, are coming to the xxii. for the international summer academy of young musicians. The world orchestra, formed at the event of the faculty of music of the University of Debrecen, will once again be led by Tamás Vásáry, who will also be welcomed at the meeting on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

This is the twenty-second time the Faculty of Music (ZK) has organized its international music professional meeting.  Hungarian and foreign high school students, college students, and young music teachers studying classical music can improve their musical skills during the summer, meet talented young musicians, and learn from internationally recognized Hungarian and foreign experts.
At the press conference on Tuesday about the event, Péter Lakatos, dean of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen, emphasized that the summer academy has long been a very prestigious event for the university, which can therefore introduce itself on an international level.

- It is a great pleasure to be able to organize the summer academy again, because teaching music and giving concerts is a passion that characterizes the faculty even during the summer holidays. Even then, the ZK building is filled with music and listeners. There are many foreign young people at the event, which puts ZK and the university on the map of international music higher education. Every time for twenty-two years, the miracle has happened: young people unknown to each other form the World Orchestra, which can then take the stage abroad. The importance of the academy is clearly shown by the fact that several of the previous participants later became students of the University of Debrecen - emphasized the head of the faculty.

In addition to the soloist master classes, the participants of the summer academy can also learn and practice in orchestra sessions. Judit Váradi, artistic director of the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians, emphasized that the event is considered unique not only at home but also abroad.

- We organize twenty-two individual master courses at the academy and 32 master instructors participate in the professional program. Courses close to performing arts, stage play and the musicality of movement complete the music workshop. Many people arrive from the European Union, but there are also students from the United States, Korea, China, Egypt, Iran, and Mexico. The academy's palette is unique and colorful because foreign professors who come to us can also take the stage in the concert series "Musical Evenings in the Forest". The biggest success of the event is that there are still young musicians who feel that it is important to participate in our courses. This interest has been unbroken for twenty-two years - said the artistic director.
Among the instructors giving master classes, Mark Ford, head teacher of the University of North Texas, instructor of the percussion section, Emmy Award-winning violinist Vilmos Olay, violinist Roberto Training and pianist Giovanni Bertolazzi will also attend the summer academy.

As a result of the workshop, the Zoltán Kodály World Youth Band will be established in 2023, which will be directed by Tamás Vásáry. On the occasion of his upcoming 90th birthday, the Kossuth Prize-winning pianist and conductor will be welcomed at a celebratory concert in the Great Calvinist Church. The World Youth Orchestra will play in Bratislava for the first time at the end of the summer academy, and then on July 24th it will give a concert in the capital, at the Academy of Music. The performance will be recorded by Radio Bratislava in Slovakia.

The Twenty-second International Summer Academy for Young Musicians July 12-24. will be held at the Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen.

Press Office - BZ