Young musicians are coming to Debrecen

Young talents from twenty countries are taking part in the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. This year, the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen stages its summer programme, unique in Hungary, between 14 and 23 July.

- The essence of the University of Debrecen is „universitas”, in which arts are also very important. The acitivity carried out by our Faculty of Music is internationally recognised, as attested by the yearly growing number of foreign participants attending the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. This year, close to half of the 200 participants arrive from abroad, and many of the students who spent the summer here in previous years have returned to the Faculty as students, József Tőzsér, vice rector for health industry innovation and training development.

In addition to European countries, young talents have signed up for the academy starting on 14 July from China, Hong Hong, Japan, Izrael, Indonesia, Mongolia, Columbia, Tunisia,  Egypt, Chile, Costa Rica and the United States of America. In addition to the 14 instrumental and choral master courses, the Faculty of Music awaits them to orchestral play –from the harp to the wind instruments to percussions - on close to 20 musical intruments. 

- The city and the university cannot exist without each other in Debrecen. Our cooperation covers several fields, including culture. It is particularly  apparent in the field of music, since Debrecen is a city where music education is present from the basics to the highest levels. We place great emphasis on fostering talent to provided talented musicians with the opportunity to grow.  The International Summer Academy of Young Musicians is also an excellent opportunity for young musicians, and it is a particularly joyful occasion for us to welcome Tamás Vásáry , Kossuth Prize winning pianist and conductor in our city, Szabolcs Komolay, vice mayor of Debrecen said.

Following traditions, the Kodály Zoltán Youth World Orchestra will be re-formed in Debrecen under the guidance of Tamás Vásáry. The young musicians will be preparing for the  closing concert of the two weeks’ programme to be staged at the Kölcsey Culture Centre at 7.p.m. on July 23. Following the closing of the Summer Academy the world orchestra  will go on a tour. After Debrecen they will go to Budapest, where they give a concert at the Open Air Theatre of Városmajor on July 24, and then, on Sunday, for the first time in the history of the Academy, they will finish their tour in the Minorite Church of Vienna.

Renowned Hungarian and foreign teachers will hold 5-10 day long master courses, which guarantee an intensive improvement of musical and instrumental abilities, and in-depth artistic and instrumental work.

- This will be the first time world-famous saxophonist  Hans de Jong, professor  of the Antwerpen University of Music, and Manel Ramada, Spanish professor of percussions will join this work. The masterc course for oboists will be taught by Sanja Romić, one of the most active members of the young generation of oboists of the Balkans, from Serbia, who has studied at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music and speaks excellent Hungarian. Currently he is the first oboist of the Belgrade symphonic orchestra. He will be joined by several founding teachers of the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians giving master courses, including Géza Kapás, Mária Zs. Szabó and Sándor Nagy. The youngest master course teacher will be Tamás Pálfalvi, Junior Prima prize winning trumpet player, who will be a professor at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music, listed Judit Váradi, art director of the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians.

This will be the 19th time the Faculty of Music has organised the ten-day summer series of events.

- As  a matter of fact, a new Faculty of Music opens during this time with new students, new teachers and with very intensive training, which could equal that of a term. Our previous students often visit us at this time to re-live this extremely high-strung atmosphere, dean Péter Lakatos said.

Following the highly succesful courses of previous years, Virág Dezső, an artist who is now living in Holland but is originally from Debrecen, will take part in the academy’s work. The professor of the Amsterdam University of Music introduces students to the musicality of movement. As part of the Summer Academy, a contemporary chorus competiton will also be held, which is unique in Europe, where students can perform works by 20th and 21st century composers. And the teachers of the master courses, themselves world-renowned professors, will give a fere gala performance at 9.p.m. July 14, in te Liszt auditorium of the Faculty of Music. 

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