World-class development in cardiology care in Debrecen

On Monday, a hybrid operating theatre opened at the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the University of Debrecen, where mainly special cardiac catheter interventions are performed, but it is also suitable for open heart surgery. The state-of-the-art operating theatre was built with a budget of around one billion forints.

- The opening of the hybrid operating theatre is not only an important milestone in the regional, university-level role of our Clinical Centre, but also represents an even closer link than before between the specialties of cardiology and cardiac surgery. The operating block fits well in the significant development process of our Clinical Centre in recent years and strengthens the central role of the University of Debrecen, which extends beyond the borders of the county and the country, emphasised Zoltán Szabó, Vice-Rector and President of the Clinical Centre, at the opening ceremony of the hybrid operating theatre on Monday.
The hybrid laboratory is a room where mainly special cardiac catheterisation tests are performed, but it is also suitable for open heart surgery.
- The Board of Trustees of the University of Debrecen Foundation was pleased to support and assist the establishment of the hybrid laboratory, because the past and present of the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery guarantee the future success of this development. With this investment, the University of Debrecen has been put on the map of Europe that only marks the most advanced university patient care institutions," said György Kossa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the University of Debrecen.

The size and architectural design of the room, its air conditioning and equipment allow several medical professions, primarily cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anaesthesiologists and specialists in cardiac imaging to perform complex interventions requiring great practice and expertise on patients, often with serious conditions.

- Currently, the health sector is second only to space exploration in putting innovation into practice. And the University of Debrecen has everything it takes to do this. The government's will, the model-changing institution and the city's unwavering support all coexist. This makes Debrecen an excellent breeding ground for innovation," Péter Takács, State Secretary for Health, added.

László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said that the hybrid laboratory is another step in the development of quality-focused university medicine.

- Debrecen is in an exceptional position, also because in recent years there has been a steady stream of modernisation and investment aimed at improving the quality of healthcare in the city and the region. This is also due to the commitment of the University and the Clinical Centre's management to continuous development," said the Mayor.

A multi-purpose mobile operating table, X-ray machines, monitors, anaesthesia machines and a heart motor help to ensure patient safety.
- The concept of the hybrid lab was primarily inspired by the amazing innovation in transcatheter techniques seen over the last decade. It is no longer only coronary artery disease and cardiac arrhythmias that can be cured through catheters, but also a large proportion of organ heart diseases, valvular heart diseases and cardiac malformations. These structural interventions can also be performed on patients who, because of their age or condition, could not be helped by conventional heart surgery because of its high risks. The hybrid laboratory is therefore the arena for complicated, difficult interventions," said Zoltán Csanádi, Director of the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery at the Clinical Centre, UD.

The professor added that the creation of the laboratory will allow the number of catheter interventions to be increased in the future, as a fifth catheter table is now available in addition to the four existing ones. The ceremony was also attended by the clinic's team of professionals, who are receptive to new techniques. This is evidenced by the introduction of more than 20 new interventions in the last 5 years.
- The hybrid laboratory represents the most advanced technology, but the most important thing is the human resources behind it. The hybrid laboratory can provide the highest safety for patients, but it can only really fulfil its role in a top care centre with a long tradition and an important scientific centre, such as the Clinic of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery with its excellent specialists," said Zoltán Szilvássy, Rector of the University of Debrecen.

The hybrid operating theatre was created at the Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Clinical Centre with a budget of around one billion HUF, from the University of Debrecen's own resources and EU grant funding.

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