The president of FIBA learns about the sports strategy of the University of Debrecen

Mr. Hamane Niang, president of the International Basketball Association, visited the University of Debrecen on Thursday. The sports diplomat praised the sports life of the university and the coordinated system of medicine, sports and research.

FIBA President Hamane Niang arrived at the University of Debrecen on July, together with the Ingo Weiss, economics manager of the association, and GIlles Tonoli, tournament director of the U17 women’s basketball world championship taking place in Debrecen. The delegation was received by rector Zoltán Szilvássy and chancellor Zoltán Bács; the university leaders gave an overview of the institution's history and sports strategy.
- One of the strategic areas of our university is sport. In addition to our many sports courses, great emphasis is placed on sports science research, which plays an important role in health science, while leisure and competitive sports is of prime importance in the institution's life - emphasized rector Zoltán Szilvássy.

One of the largest sports clubs in Hungary also operates at the University of Debrecen, 3,000 people play sports in DEAC's 32 departments.

- One of our most important divisions is basketball. Together with the reserve team, the largest basketball system in Hungary operates at DEAC, with the number of our players exceeding 900. Our adult men's team has been playing in the top division for years, and we are getting closer to moving to the international level - explained Zoltán Bács, chancellor to the representatives of the International Basketball Federation.
President Hamane Niang spoke appreciatively about the University’s sports life and its sports strategy.

- They perform exemplary work in the field of university sports. I am particularly happy that in Debrecen, in addition to medical science, research into sports science also enjoys a prominent role. I am convinced that the combined work of these areas plays a major role. We have seen this in the last two years; covid has made us reevaluate everything, the virus situation has changed our whole lives and the world of sport as well. It is an honor for us to be here in Debrecen, where so much emphasis is placed on sports and health science. We need to strengthen this kind of motivation - said the FIBA president.

Hamane Niang and the university leaders are planning further meetings related to sports events in Debrecen. Following the current U17 women’s basket world championship, the U19 men’s world championship will also be held here next year.

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