More young musicians at the summer academy than ever before

About two hundred talented young musicians from nineteen countries have come to the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen to participate in the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. After the master classes, the Zoltán Kodály Youth World Orchestra will be re-established, conducted by Tamás Vásáry this time round, too.

This is the twenty-first time the traditional music professional event has been organized. In addition to the approximately two hundred young musicians, thirty-one master instructors from seven countries will participate in the summer academy.

At Monday's press conference about the event, Elek Bartha, vice rector for education at the University of Debrecen, stressed the importance of the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians, which he says fits into the educational strategy of the University of Debrecen.

- The concert series and the summer academy have long traditions, the number of participants last year and the current number of students and artists indicate the deep international embeddedness of the event. A wide range of countries are showing interest, due to the fact that the event has earned a serious reputation in the international music scene. The outstanding value of the event is that its international character is an important component of UD's profile. In addition to providing training, the university also serves cultural and social needs, and the Faculty of Music plays an enormous role in this, the vice-rector for education emphasized.

In addition to the master classes for soloists, participants can also attend orchestral courses, as the Zoltán Kodály Youth World Orchestra will be is being formed again, this time again under the direction of Tamás Vásáry this time round, too.

- It is an event that is unique not only in Hungary, but abroad, too. Students are invited to attend independent master classes for soloists on all orchestral instruments, in addition to piano and vocal master classes. Also, students can learn about the musicality of movement and stage play. These young people come to us in the middle of the summer, which clearly shows their dedication, and also their desire to improve their musical and professional skills. It is also important that the participants of the summer academy can further expand their network of contacts, as they can meet a group of talented Hungarian domestic and foreign students and renowned instructors in the next ten days, said Judit Váradi, artistic director of the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians at the press conference.

Judit Váradi added: in the 2021/2022 music season, the Faculty of Music launched more concert series than ever before, the audience could hear a total of fifty concerts in the Universitas, Conservatory Evenings, Steinway and Old Music concert series, as well as at the Sunday Music, Musical Evenings , at the Spring Concerts, Soul Warming and Youth Experience Concerts.

- Our season does not last until the end of May or June, but extends into the summer. The usual order is starting to return, and instead of eight, we can now boast nine concert series. They had so much to offer that the faculty's instructors performed at four concerts in a new series called Spring Concerts, one of which was also recorded by Bartók Rádió in its ArTRIUM series, the artistic director announced.
A few weeks ago, the Zoltán Kodály International Music Competition started, and it continues now in Debrecen. The , with a similarly long-standing event of international importance, continues, which, According to deputy mayor István Puskás, the series of classical music programs in Debrecen further enriches the cultural offer of the city.

-The Faculty of Music plays an important role in the city's education and talent management system. Through the several series of concerts, it also conveys a cultural experience, through which it is closely linked to the cultural life of the city. The Faculty of Music /ZK/ is characterized by significant musical and artistic achievements, which help to strengthen the city's international and cultural relations. Together with Debrecen, the faculty has recently presented itself at the House of Hungarian Music, which proves a strong relationship between the Faculty of Music and Debrecen, said the deputy mayor.

At the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians, the master classes will be held between July 16 and 22, during which the audience is invited to several gala concerts. The series of events will end on July 23 with the Contemporary Music Singing Competition and the performance of the Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra at the Debrecen Kölcsey Center. The band will then give a concert in Pécs and at the Academy of Music in the capital.

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