Mid-Autumn Festival with Mooncake at UD

The Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities of UD celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with an exhibition of Chinese artworks. Tea ceremony and traditional mooncake awaited visitors at the event, where new teachers of the Institute were also introduced.

- The Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities first celebrated the Festival with spectacular stage shows in 2020. Last year, due to the pandemic, a new tradition was born: Instead of organising programmes in Dósa Nádor Square like in 2020, pieces of art representing various segments of Chinese art were exhibited in display windows – recalled Pál Csontos in his welcome speech. The Hungarian director of the Institute emphasized that this year people could enjoy the Festival in person again and, thanks to the Chinese Cultural Centre in Budapest, attend the travelling exhibition of 12 selected new year’s wood carvings at the university, which arrived in Debrecen after Budapest and Miskolc.

The exhibition of carvings was opened by Jin Hao, director of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Budapest.

- Each artwork tells a story and expresses simple but beautiful wishes of Chinese people. My wish is that this cooperation between the Institute and the University of Debrecen regarding the exhibition continues in the future – said director Jin Hao.

The exhibition was accompanied by a special decoration of “Sziget / Island” room of the University and National Library of UD.

- In addition to supporting education and research and the management and archiving of various documents, the library is also responsible for presenting the culture of Hungary and other nations. In this spirit, one of the rooms of the library with a contemporary design has become a Festival venue, combining tradition and modernity – explained Gyöngyi Karácsony, head of the library.

Celebrated for thousands of years, the Festival takes place every year on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and includes having its traditional cookie: mooncake.

- Through promoting the Chinese language and culture since 2019 at the faculty, the Confucius Institute makes the life of the town, the university and the Faculty of Humanities whole like full Moon – highlighted Péter Csatár, vice dean of the Faculty.

To establish the festive atmosphere, following the opening ceremony Liu Yonghan, Hungarian MA student gave a concert on Guzheng, which is the Chinese equivalent of the zither.

The event continued with a tea ceremony managed by Feng Xueying and a dance entitled “Nice flowers and full moon”, then Cui Xianjun, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute of UD introduced Feng Xueying, Fruzsina Pap and Wang Zaijun, who would teach Chinese language and culture in the coming academic year. Mr Zaijun also practices tai chi chuan, which he promoted by an improvised demonstration.

- Today, we are here to spend the festival together, admire the beautiful paintings, think of our home towns and relatives, exchange thoughts on culture, learn to better understand each other, and to learn from each other. To cite Su Dongpo, a great author from the Song dynasty: “This wonderful hour and this beautiful landscape are like heaven, so raise your glasses to the Moon, and share the joy” – said Cui Xianjun.

The series of programmes “on the Island” continued with songs and a “fashion show” presenting the nicest pieces of the garment collection of Chinese students attending UD, and concluded with a tea party and mooncake tasting.

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