EUG: preparations are well underway for the games

The delegation of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) arrived in Hungary last Friday for a two-day official visit. After Friday's briefing in Budapest, delegates visited the venues of next year's European University Games (EUG) in Miskolc and Debrecen on Saturday, paying special attention to Egyetem tér [University Square], which will function as the location for the 3x3 basketball tournament and also the European University Championships (EUC) between 15 and 19 July this year.

As has reported several times before, in 2024, the University of Debrecen, the city of Debrecen, Miskolc and the University of Miskolc will jointly host the European University Games. The EUSA event is the most important university multisport event in the world, with more than 4,000 athletes expected to compete.

At Saturday's meeting, EUSA experts responsible for next year's games representing the seven branches of sports of EUG to be hosted by Debrecen (football, futsal, handball, beach handball, 3x3 basketball, badminton and table tennis) paid an official visit to the University of Debrecen. The delegates were welcomed by András Becsky, Managing Director of Debrecen Sports Center, and Katalin Varga, event coordinator on behalf of the University of Debrecen.

At the end of the full-day consultation, the coordinator from UD seemed satisfied and happy about what had been discussed.

“Members of the delegation visited sports venues and locations around the university and within the city, and the EUSA office staff also checked the places designated for catering, accommodation, accreditation and technical meetings. At the end of the day, we were given a pretty good rating. So, overall, we are doing well, and the preparations for the 2024 Games appear to be satisfactory,” said Katalin Varga.

László Végh, a representative of Magyar Egyetemi-Főiskolai Sportszövetség [Hungarian University Sports Federation] and project manager of EUG 2024, believes that the most important event of the recent period has been the finalization of the sports program, which was originally approved by EUSA in Split, Croatia.

“What this means is that it is absolutely clear now what sorts of tasks lie ahead of us concerning both sports and general organization. All the other functional tasks, including accommodation, meals and transfer, shall be built around this. The current two-day meeting also concentrated on this aspect, so that, on the basis of site visits, the sports delegates of EUSA would see where we are at regarding preparations at each individual venue where the events will be conducted. In other words, what is already available and what else still needs to be done. Without exception, the delegates had favorable impressions to note about the University of Debrecen,” said László Végh.

He then added that it seemed extremely important that other European university championships, such as the 3x3 basketball in Debrecen or the water polo and badminton European Championships in Miskolc, would function as “dress rehearsals.”

“Although we still have a year to go, we would like to see something at these European championships that we could then see again at next year's EUG. I am thinking in terms of accommodation, transfer arrangements or the processes of accreditation. The thing is that the implementation is always regulated by EUSA and, as a consequence, it is very similar at all these events,” said the project manager.

Technical delegate of EUSA's 3x3 basketball competitions Ms. Jeanine Tjin-A-Sioe also participated in the Debrecen meetings, coming to our city for her last official visit before the 3x3 European University Basketball Championship starting on July 15.

“I am thankful and feel honored that we will get a chance to hold the summer 3x3 tournament in a location like the vicinity of the main building of the university, which is beautiful, so all the participants will be able to appreciate it. By the way, I usually come to Debrecen and the main square of this city every summer for the FIBA 3x3 tournament. The entire vibe of the European University Championships will be very special, since this spectacular environment with the fountain and the presence of students, together with the excellent weather, will all add exquisite features to the basketball,” said Jeanine Tjin-A-Sioe.

According to the preliminary entry figures, there will be as many as 17 women's and 23 men's teams from all over Europe participating in the 3x3 European Basketball Championships. Therefore, the organizers expect about a total of three hundred athletes, coaches and assistants to gather in front of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen for the competition starting in a little bit more than a month.

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