The UD is going to hold its end-of-academic-year closing ceremony in Nagyerdei Stadion. On Saturday, July 4, students of 5 faculties, while on Saturday, July 11, students of as many as 9 faculties, 2500 graduates altogether, will be receiving their diplomas at the ceremonies that will start at 5 pm.

Due to the emergency restricions related to the coronavirus, our institution could not hold its usual indoor graduation ceremonies for the individual faculties in the Inner Courtyard of the Main Building, which is why a decision was made in favor of two joint open-air events. The students have been happy about the news of the combined celebrations, and mass registrations have been booked by them for themselves as well as friends and family members at their earliest convenience.

The preliminary registration figures soon made it clear that one single occasion even in Nagyerdei Stadion would not be sufficient if we wanted take the necessary health-related precautions seriously, for which reason the management of the university eventually decided to designate two separate occasions for the event. The usual paraphernalia for the celebrations are all going to be present in the stadium as well; thus, the introduction of the special gerundium-s symbolizing the university and the individual faculties will precede the entry of the ceremoniously clad rector, vice-rectors and deans into the stadium, while the customary fanfares will be blown to inaugurate the event.

“Because of the safety precautions introduced for the purposes of protection against COVID-19, it is not going to be possible for each graduate to receive their diplomas one by one in person. Instead, two students, one form the Hungarian-language program and another one from the English-language program, on behalf of each faculty will come forward for a symbolic reception of everybody else’s diplomas. However, thanks to the recent lifting of some of the pandemic-related restrictions, wearing a face mask will not be compulsory at the ceremonies,” said Vice-Rector Elek Bartha to

The student participants can pick up their conventional academic regalia, including the gowns and the square caps, in the venue called HALL right before the start, following which they will take their seats on the arena floor with the guidance of their respective faculty personnel.

The guests and family members of the students can take their designated seats on the grandstands, where they only need to flash their invitation cards for free entry.

The ceremonies are going to be covered live on the university’s Facebook page and Youtube channel by Debreceni Egyetem Multimédia és E-learning Technikai Központja [Multimedia and E-Learning Competence Center of the University of Debrecen]. Therefore, all of those who cannot make it to the ceremonies in person can still follow the event even abroad or in the farthest corner of the world for that matter with the help of the state-of-the-art technology available.

Dates and addresses of live coverage:

July 4:
July 11:

Dates and times of ceremonies and participating faculties:

Saturday, July 4, 2020, 5 pm
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management
Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty of Music

Saturday, July 11, 2020, 5 pm
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Health
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Informatics
Faculty of Child and Adult Education
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Public Health

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