EUG2024 – Visual Identity Taking Form

As the organisers of the next European University Games, the University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc will be represented at this year’s EUG, which will be held in Poland in July. Representatives of the two universities have discussed organisational details at UD.

The Operative Organisation Committee of the European University Games held its meeting at UD on Wednesday. It is common knowledge that the University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc will jointly organise the 2024 European University Games, a series of sport events that resembles the Olympic Games.

The agenda covered six topics, including the new phase of the organisational process. The representatives of the two universities discussed a number of issues related to formal programmes, project management tasks, the lessons learned thus far, visual identity, and the consistent appearance of the universities and the Hungarian University Sport Federation (HUSF).

- We would like to organise an event that is up to the Hungarian sport traditions and accomplishments. In fact, we have the opportunity to organise one of the most significant sport events in the history of the country in 2024. However, we still have a lot to do and lots of details to work out, and we also have to finalise the detailed budget. The results of these processes will significantly affect the success of our work – pointed out Péter Juhász, secretary general of HUSF.

The participants of the event were informed that UD was playing a central a role in the preparation and promotion of the Games, and the importance of cooperation was also emphasized.

- We are on schedule, the master plan with the specific tasks and their owners would be completed by the end of November. Considering the scale and the importance of the event, the organisation of the Games requires huge efforts and strong cooperation among the two universities and HUSF – explained Katalin Varga, sport coordinator for physical education and leisure sport of the Institute for Sport Sciences, member of the Organisation Committee.
The organisers would like to present the best possible image in terms of the staff and the venues. The Miskolc team highlighted the importance of the first impression the two universities would make on the representatives of the European University Sports Association (EUSA).

- Background work is important. In addition to managing the event and providing information, we will have to welcome and host the delegations of the international associations. In this respect, we still have to work out the details. In many cases cooperation between EUSA and HUSF may also be important – said Tamás Kása, head of the Miskolc working group of the operative committee.

At the meeting, a decision was made regarding the project manager: Until 31 December special sport consultant László Végh will manage the operational tasks. Participants were informed that the representatives of UD and UM, the organising universities of the 2024 Games, would attend this year’s Games in Lodz, Poland, and would report to the executive committee of EUSA. The delegates of the international association will visit Debrecen this November in order to visit the venues of the 2024 Games and to review the organisation process.

Press Centre – BZ