The University of Debrecen celebrated the beginning of the new academic year with a full-house event at the Nagyerdei Stadium on Wednesday. In addition to Hungarian stars, artists of the Institute of Pop Music and international students of the oDEon company also gave concerts. About 20,000 people attended the 6th year-opening stadium show of UD.

- This is the best university, may it be your day, have fun, make friends, love each other, and study! – said György Kossa, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen to the students of UD and the guests of YoUDay.

Mr. Kossa pointed out to that besides building a community, the show also contributed to the international reputation of UD, due to the high number of foreign visitors and performers, and the presence of the Academic and Social Advisory Body of the Foundation.

-  We must have faith, we must be strong, let there be peace, and let the circle of life win! - said Zoltán Bács in his welcome speech.
The chancellor of UD had already proved his talent as a singer in oDEon, the university theatre. Now he sang a part from Beatles’ “Let it be” to the audience.

- Finally, life has come back to the university. The campuses are busy again, young people are queuing at the canteens, parties are crowded again, just like they were before the pandemic, and now we have YoUDay – said István Csont, president of the Students’ Council in his welcome speech.

Lajos Barcsa, Vice Mayor of Debrecen believes that YoUDay is the celebration of community.

- The University of Debrecen is more than a place where people come to study and do sports. Students can have the time of their lives during their university years here. And the events like YoUDay help a great deal in convincing young people to stay in Debrecen, and join our community– emphasized Lajos Barcsa.

As usual, the opening event of the academic year started with the march of international students with their national flags. The number of flags had doubled from last year to 110.

Hungarian pop stars followed each other on the stage, which was larger than ever. The show, which lasted for more than two hours, began with the concert of the artists of the Institute of Pop Music and the performance of the international students of oDEon. They were followed by Szirota Jennifer and the Carson Coma. The virtual guest stars were György Korda and Klári Balázs with their iconic track, Reptér. Then Radics Gigi and Charlie Horváth took the  the stage, accompanied by the Abrakazabra band. They were followed by Azahriah. Players of  “Loki” and the cheerleaders of  DEAC also appeared on the sage. This year, the hosts of YoUDay were Árpád Burai and Betti Gábor from Radio Campus. The show was concluded with a spectacular laser show, then the stadium disco began.

In line with the expectations, YoUDay was a huge success with the highest number of visitors ever, the largest stage ever, the highest number of performers ever, and the longest show ever.

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