The Vehicle Lab is under construction - another milestone in the DE science park

The University of Debrecen is to receive 4.41 billion in government funding in several phases for the construction of the Vehicle Laboratory and the associated mini test track for certain educational and innovation developments at the Debrecen Automotive Centre. The complex will be built in the institution's Science, Technology and Innovation Park in Vezér Street. The construction site was taken over on Monday by the contractor HUNÉP Zrt.

After the renovation and extension of the buildings of the Faculty of Technology, another major investment is being launched at the University of Debrecen to promote technical education and research and development. The new multi-functional laboratory -- teaching, research and development -- will play a central role in the development of training related to the automotive industry investments in the region (BMW, Vitesco, Schaeffler, CATL, Semcorp, Eve Power, EcoPro) and will be closely integrated into the strategic development programme of the University of Debrecen (DE), which has been ongoing for several years and is aimed at the engineering, natural sciences and technology fields.

The Vehicle Laboratory is a modern, convenient and well-equipped facility located in the university's more than 74-hectare Science, Technology and Innovation Park, which can serve the different needs of both theoretical and practical training of individual technical engineering courses on a floor area of about 2,700 square metres. The building will house vehicle laboratories, mechatronics and robotics laboratories, vehicle assembly workshops and classrooms for smaller courses.

The University of Debrecen's science park will be further expanded with the new facility, which will be completed in the framework of the project that is currently being launched on the basis of the public procurement contract awarded to HUNÉP Zrt. The Vehicle Laboratory is scheduled to be completed by 2024.

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