UD's Disaster Medicine and Charity Coordination Centre unveiled

The University of Debrecen has established a new organisational unit for the management of disaster medicine and the operation of mobile medical teams in disaster and war zones, as well as for the management of domestic charitable and support programmes. University leaders informed journalists about the planned tasks and objectives of the centre on Friday.

The Special Medical and Rescue Team (DEKOM) of the University of Debrecen, founded in 2006, provides assistance in disaster and war zones in multiple countries around the world, helping to treat the injured and delivering medical and food donations. The newly established DE Disaster Medical and Charity Coordination Centre will enable the professionals in Debrecen to carry out their work in better conditions and more effectively than ever before.
- András Késmárky and his team have done world-class work. The creation of the centre will enable them to work even more effectively within the university. Such an organisation has a very complex task, which can be managed and managed by the university, based on the principle of multidisciplinarity, with the support of the Clinical Centre and the Emergency Clinic," said Zoltán Szilvássy, Rector of the University of Debrecen, at a press conference on the establishment of the centre on Friday.

Zoltán Szabó, President of the Clinical Centre, also praised DEKOM's work so far and emphasised that the theoretical and practical knowledge of the institution's specialists contributes to further raising the level of disaster medicine.
- This is a very important and noble field of medicine. As the President of the Integrated Clinical Centre, the largest inpatient care institution in Hungary, I am particularly pleased to assure you that the Clinical Centre is committed to supporting this activity with its immense  knowledge base and its outstanding, internationally recognised educational and patient care potential," said Zoltán Szabó, President of the Clinical Centre.

The new centre will also be responsible for bringing together the charitable activities of the University of Debrecen and for establishing cooperation with external institutions and organisations.

- The University carries out a wide range of charitable activities. In the future, this centre will also coordinate these activities inside and outside the institution, and will maintain contacts with various organisations and foundations. I believe that the creation of this centre will make this activity much more efficient and organised. The university will provide the necessary structure and support it more than  before," said Chancellor Zoltán Bács.
The Disaster Medical and Charity Coordination Centre of the University of Debrecen is headed by András Késmárky.

- Over the last twenty years or so, we have proven with every deployment that there is a justification for such a team of doctors. We have already received a lot of help from the University of Debrecen, and we wanted to raise this relationship to a higher level, because this work can only be done with a professional background such as that of the University of Debrecen. It provides us with a human resource base that will enable us to continue our work at a world-class level," said the head of the centre.

András Késmárky added that the establishment of the centre, which is unique in the country, will not only help in disaster and war zones, but will also enable the Centre to continue its programmes in Hungary, such as support for people living on farms, at a higher level in the future.

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