Rotary Club Helps Efforts to Prevent Bedsore

Rotary Club Debrecen has donated equipment to the Departments of Paediatrics and Internal Medicine of the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen, and to the city social services. The purpose of the special beds and mattresses is to help prevent bedsore. The equipment was delivered at a ceremony held at the Clinical Centre on Monday.

Eleven Hungarian Rotary Clubs have joined the programme entitled “Fight to Prevent Bedsore” that was initiated by Rotary Klub Miskolc-Tapolca. The contributions made by members, international clubs, Rotary Hungary, and the international rotary foundation raised about USD 60,000. From this amount, in proportion with their contributions, the Hungarian clubs donated special beds and mattresses to local healthcare and social institutions.

- Club members put great emphasis on reducing the suffering of vulnerable patients, the prevention of diseases and conditions that may affect a large number of people, and on facilitating the use of more efficient treatments. We find it important to prevent bedsore, to reduce its occurrence, to reduce the misery of the people affected, and to support the work of healthcare professionals – said Csaba Tóth, president of Rotary Club Debrecen in his ceremonial speech on Monday.

Rotary Club Debrecen supports three institutions with equipment designed to prevent bedsore. The Club has donated two air mattresses and two memory foam mattresses to the Department of Internal Medicine of the Clinical Centre of UD to help prevent and treat bedsore.

- It helps a great deal if we are able to provide patients with anti-bedsore mattresses from the very beginning of their long treatments. The Clinical Centre continuously seeks to increase the number of available anti-bedsore equipment, so every support is welcome – pointed out Mária Gál, medical director of the Clinical Centre.

The ICU of the Department of Paediatrics of the Clinical Centre has received three air mattresses in different sizes and a memory foam mattress.

- We do our best to prevent the occurrence of painful bedsore on kids during treatment. However, to achieve this goal, we need special mattresses. And we need them in different sizes, as we treat all age groups from infants to 18-year-olds– explained Edit Szikszay, head of ICU at the Department of Paediatrics of the Clinical Centre.

The nursing home operated by the city social services has also received two air matrasses and two electric hospital beds.

- The city social services takes care of older people. We are trying to provide all of these patients with special matrasses in order to avoid bedsore. The matrasses and beds thatwe have received will be of great help – added Mrs. Lajosné Nagy, head of institution.

The value of the equipment donated to the three institutions in Debrecen exceeds HUF 4 million. In the past 30 years, Rotary Club Debrecen, which was re-established in 1993, has assisted disadvantaged and harmed people as well as young talents to the amount of HUF 120 million.

Press Centre – CzA