International Recognition of the Surgery Clinic

The European Society of Thoracic Surgeons gave the Thoracic Surgery Department of the Clinical Centre of UD the title of most reliable partner. The head of the Centre received the certificate a few days ago.

The certificate states that the Surgery Clinic is the most reliable partner of the organisation in Europe, ahead of a number of surgery departments of prestigious European universities.

-    Most of the operations, about 80 percent, are lung tumours. In addition to general thoracic surgery, we also deal with benign and malignant diseases of the esophagus, tumours and swellings in the cavum mediastinale, trachea and diaphragm diseases, thoracic deformities, thoracic injuries and their complications – explained István Takács, head of the Thoracic Surgery Department of the Clinical Centre.

500-600 operations are performed at the department every year. Over 70 percent of them are carried out using minimally invasive techniques, making only a few centimetres long incision. The department was the first to apply this procedure in Hungary in several diseases. 

- In Hungary, we were the first to perform video endoscopic lobectomy. For thoracic deformities, we also use the so-called Nuss correction, which means the endoscopic correction of the pectus excavatum. Instead of the usual cut through the sternum, we insert a plate through two small incisions, and correct the position of the thorax. It is significantly less stressful for patients – said István Takács, adding that the Thoracic Surgery Department had also been the first to perform the vacuum treatment of esophagus perforation and post-operative lung failure. Thoracic operations are supported by modern anaesthetic techniques. 

As a recognition of its results in thoracic surgery, the department, first in Eastern Europe, has received the certificate of ESTS, which attests to the European-level treatment of patients. The certificate also formulates a requirement to provide information on a regular basis. The department reports to the European organisation on diagnostics, surgeries, complications and post-operative treatment. To recognise its achievements in these fields, the international organisation appointed the Thoracic Surgery Department its most reliable partner.

-    With this certificate, the organisation has recognised that the Thoracic Department provides the most useful and up-to-date information to ESTS. The data will be used to develop recommendations for the treatment of specific patient groups. This recognition represents positive feedback on our progress and an inspiration to continue our work to ensure the high-quality treatment of patients – told Dezső Tóth, head of the Surgery Clinic of the Clinical Centre 

Mr. Tóth pointed out that the department is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure. For instance, the department uses Indocyanine Green imaging technology, which helps specialists to determine the viability of the lobe in the case of lung tumours. 

- The thoracic surgery team has performed outstandingly for years, and this is what has been recognised by this certificate. The departments, most recently the cardiology, cardiosurgery, urology, gastro-enterology and emergency care units, provide excellent results on a daily basis. Now the surgery Clinic has been recognised, which will also enhance the international presence of the Clinical Centre – pointed out Zoltán Szabó, head of the Clinical Centre. 

The Thoracic Surgery Department of the Clinical Centre is responsible for the North-Great-Plain region. In- and outpatients are treated by five specialists and a resident.

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