UD has improved its position on the thematic lists of Times Higher Education. In the area of natural sciences the institution moved up on the list compared to the previous year, and it is ranked in the top 800. UD is ranked again in the top 600 this year in the areas of life and medical sciences.

The 2020 THE World University Rankings by subject is based on the same 13 detailed performance indicators used in global rankings, but the methodology has been recalibrated to suit the individual fields.

Performance indicators are grouped into five areas regarding life sciences (agronomy, biology, veterinary medicine, sports sciences); medical sciences  (medicine, dentistry, health science); and natural sciences (mathematic nad statistics, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, environmental and geoscience). Results are weighted according to the folowing ration: teaching 27,5% (learning environment); research 27,5% (volume, income and reputation); citations 35% (research influence); international outlook 7,5% (staff, students and researchers); and industry income 2,5% (knowledge transfer).

Besides UD, Eötvös Loránd University (301–400),  Semmelweis University (301-400), University of Pécs (501-600), University of Szeged (501-600), and Szent István University Gödöllő (601+) were ranked in the area of life sciences; in the thematic list of natural sciences Eötvös Loránd University  (401-500), University of Szeged (501–600), a Budapest University of  Technology and Economcs (601–800), University of Pécs (801+) were also ranked, while in rankings of medical sciences Semmelweis University (301–400), University of Pécs (401–500) and University of Szeged (501-600) were listed.

The top 3 of these rankings are the following: University of Cambridge, Harvard University, and University of Oxford leads the health sciences ranking, Princeton University, California Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge are listed as the best of natural sciences lists, and in the case of medical sciences University of Oxford, Harvard University and University of Cambridge were ranked as best.

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