Scientific symposium at the Institute of English and American Studies

The Department of British Culture of the Institute of English and American Studies of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen (DE) has organised a symposium to strengthen international relations and scientific communication. The event featured a guest lecturer from the institute and lectures by renowned foreign scholars on the topic of cultural memory and post-colonial culture.

The programme, entitled Crises of Memory: Postcolonial, Postsocialist and Posthistorical Cultural Narratives, is in keeping with the Institute's tradition of hosting visiting lecturers from abroad for several years now to present their own research in the form of public lectures.
Augusto Petter, a young Brazilian historian and visiting lecturer in the Department of British Culture, is teaching two courses at the Institute of English and American Studies as part of the CEU exchange programme: one on the future of America and history in the North American Department and one on Time as a tool of colonialism in British history in the British Department.

At the event, held on 17 May in the University's Main Building, he gave a lecture entitled Historical Thinking at the End of the World.

Independent researcher Rukhsar Hussain, who currently lives in Hungary with his family, explored the topic of Hijra representations in post-colonial India: the effects of British colonisation.

- The Indian-born researcher contacted our department by e-mail in the spirit of a possible cooperation, and was therefore pleased to accept our invitation to give the lecture, which also provided an opportunity to discuss future plans, as it is an important goal of ours to have an international guest lecturer every academic year," Eszter Ureczky, Head of the Department of British Culture at DE BTK (Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen), told

At the end of the programme, Maya Nadkarni, an American cultural researcher currently working in Hungary, presented her recently published book Remains of Socialism: Memory and the Futures of the Past in Postsocialist Hungary (Cornell University Press, 2020), after which she gave a workshop on research methods and gave writing tips for young researchers in the field of cultural studies. The workshop provided information on successful international publishing and research, mainly from a research methodology, career guidance and practical perspective.

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