“Egészségügyi Innovációs Szemle” (Innovation in Healthcare) – this is the title of a new magazine launched jointly by the faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Pharmacy of UD. The quarterly journal will focus on the newest achievements in the fields of medicine and health science.

The magazine will inform readers primarily about major health-related research projects and innovations. It will also provide space for scientific discourse, and publish announcements, hypotheses, abstracts, methodological recommendations, dialogues, opinions and analyses. The purpose of the journal is to facilitate value creation in the fields of medicine and health science.

According to the two faculties, the new journal may contribute to the development of these two fields of science, and to shaping the approach to health.

The new journal will put special emphasis on key public health issues, and the related technological and social innovations. The two faculties also find it important to introduce innovative technologies in pharmacy, and publish interesting facts related to the policies and history of pharmacy. By publishing articles submitted before 15 June, the university will meet the requirements of the New National Excellence Programme.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is Judit Zsuga, associate professor and dean of the Faculty of Public Health. The assistant chief editor is Ildikó Kovácsné Bácskay, associate professor, vice dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in charge of educational affairs.

For the website of the Egészségügyi Innovációs Szemle, please  click here.

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