Master teachers among themselves

On Tuesday, master lecturers of the Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation of the University of Debrecen (Hungarian short form: MÜZLI) discussed success and the way to get there, their careers, the pitfalls within, their respective experience, as well as their ideas concerning the future at the Odeon University Theatre. The first MÜZLI Alumni Party was attended by about two hundred university students.

The MÜZLI Alumni Party was organized by the Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation of the University of Debrecen (MÜZLI) with the intention of creating a tradition whereby former and currents students can have informal conversations with the master teachers of their institute. The students’ questions were answered by Endre Ascsillán, Head of MÜZLI and vice-president of the Central and Eastern-European branch of GE, world-famous violinist Ino Mirkovic, Ambassador for UNESCO, Gergő Lencsés, General Manager Gas Turbines Value Chain at GE Gas Power, Attila Dezső for Curia, member of the public procurement procedures group, and Zsolt Bertalan, Group-level technology and innovation director for MVM.

- MÜZLI provides pragmatic and practical knowledge for its students. The course instructors are themselves global and European level executives of the world of business, industry and arts, with unquestionable achievements and are happy to share their professional experience with their students. MÜZLI is a bridge that connects the university and the industrial-corporate environment, said Endre Ascsillán, Head of MÜZLI.

At the round-table talks organized within the framework of the MÜZLI Alumni Party Gergő Lencsés, GE Power's global value chain, stressed the importance of social responsibility – this is what his master teacher activity carried out in MÜZLI is intended to serve.

- It is our duty to give something back from what we have received as a result of our success. In the modern world a nation has to focus on three things: healthcare, energetics, and education. MÜZLI is an opportunity for us to transfer the knowledge and experience that we have acquired. And it is students’ duty to learn to use this opportunity, Gergő Lencsés emphasized.
According to Attila Dezső, member of the public procurement procedures group of Curia, MÜZLI offers students a new vision.

- In business life problems and answers given to them are all complex, which are not to be determined based on which faculty we had learnt about them.  We need to understand problems and recognize the essentials points. This, however, is something that cannot be learnt from textbooks, explained Attila Dezső.

Zsolt Bertalan, Group-level technology and innovation director for MVM, believes that knowledge transfer is not a one-way process.

- In the courses of MÜZLI we wish to show our students, through practical assignments, how an individual’s idea can become incorporated in a complex system. However, we, too, make use of the knowledge that we gain in this process, as heads of companies, we are also learning, as this is something that cannot be neglected. The constant change, so characteristic of industries, demands up-to-date knowledge and continuous training. This process does not end with our university studies, Zsolt Bertalan emphasized.

Participants of the round-table talks stated that corporations were primarily looking for candidates with initiative, ability to adjust and practical knowledge.   
The participants think that it is important that students should master the ability of insight, should be brave and dare to embark on new things and should not be deterred by failure: they should learn from their mistakes. They also agreed that the main objective is to train students to ask questions and formulate ideas. There was consensus among them in saying that negotiation-level English proficiency is indispensable as by now English has become the Latin of the business world. 

In his contribution to the talks, Zoltán Bács, Chancellor of the University of Debrecen, recalled that at the time of the launch of MÜZLI four years ago neither party thought how effective this training would be, but it has clearly proved its raison d’être by now. The Chancellor expressed his thanks to the master teachers of MÜZLI, dedicated some of their very busy time to this nationally unique course.

In the English-speaking section of the MÜZLI Alumni Party the students met Ino Mirkovic, UNESCO Ambassador. In his contribution to the program the renowned violinist, also as a master teacher of MÜZLI, gave a lecture in the Basics of Art Management optional course at the oDEon Theatre.
- We, mentors, are in a position to transfer to our students empirically based knowledge that is far more important in real life than knowledge learnt at school. Even more important is how this knowledge becomes incorporated and how our students use it later in the course of their careers. We can show this to them and support them in courageously taking risks and embarking on new things, Ino Mirkovic told

Patricia Becsky-Nagy, Secretary of MÜZLI thinks that the secret of MÜZLI, unique in all of Hungary lies in the fact that the master teachers, who hold all-important positions in domestic and international corporate sectors, are deeply dedicated to the cause of talent nurturing while the University of Debrecen whole-heartedly supports them in their efforts of implementing social responsibility.

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