The Largest Among the Best

According to the university rankings most recently published by the Hungarian periodical HVG, the University of Debrecen is among the best institutions of higher education in Hungary and it also offers one of the widest ranges of academic programs in the nation.

As regards the total number of students, the University of Debrecen (UD) is at the top of the national list in the recently published rankings (Diploma 2017) of Hungarian institutions of higher education. With its 18471 full-time students, UD is the largest university in Hungary, while it occupies the 5th place in the overall list of institutions.

There is a separate section in the periodical for comparing excellence of the teaching staff, in which respect (based on the number of teaching and research staff members with academic degrees) the University of Debrecen is placed 2nd, preceded only by ELTE Budapest.

Regarding the rankings of individual faculties, our institution is in an especially agreeable position, as there are as many as 3 faculties from Debrecen in the top 25: Faculty of General Medicine is placed 6th, Faculty of Humanities is placed 11th, and Faculty of Science and Technology is placed 24th.


HVG also produces rankings based on student excellence, including the factor of students holding certificates of language exams, and UD occupies a favorable position from this aspect as well.  


In the area of programs in medicine and health sciences, student excellence at Faculty of General Medicine UD is 2nd, a 3rd place goes to programs in sports and in law, while Faculty of Science and Technology occupies a 4th place in a similar comparison.


For the completion of the above comparative statistics, data from the 2015/16 academic year have been used.


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