Hand instruments donated to assist the programs in medicine

Scalpels, scissors and forceps make up the sets of medical instruments included in a more than HUF 4 million worth of donation offered by MEDICOR Kéziműszer Zrt. [Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd.] to support the programs of the University of Debrecen in medicine.

The package of hand instruments, consisting of 654 sets of scalpels, scissors and forceps, presented by the Debrecen-based company to UD is meant to aid students participating in the programs offered by Általános Orvostudományi Kar (ÁOK) [Faculty of Medicine] and Fogorvostudományi Kar (FOK) [Faculty of Dentistry].

“In our programs of medicine, we use state-of-the-art simulation instruments. However, in addition to these, the classical educational methods also have their proper niche in the practice and training available in our school. Students get a chance to implement and conduct real-life dissections and practice on cadavers in the course of their studies in anatomy and pathology. These activities are significantly facilitated and assisted by the use of these instruments,” said László Mátyus, Dean of DE ÁOK [Faculty of Medicine at UD].

The sets of instruments are going to be distributed to more than 500 Hungarian and international first-year students at the Faculty of Medicine and about 150 of their counterparts at the Faculty of Dentistry.

“In the program of dentistry, there is a considerable emphasis on profession-specific training because we need to make sure to turn out dentists who are able to work on their own. The instruments donated to us are the ones most frequently used in everyday patient care. Thus, they also have a symbolic significance when assigned to our students because they will be there for them to assist in their future work,” said Kinga Bágyi, Dean of DE FOK [Faculty of Dentistry at UD].

MEDICOR Kéziműszer Zrt. regards the support of quality healing and patient care one of its top priorities in order to contribute to the development of top-quality health practices,” said Péter Nagy, Managing Director. The Debrecen-based company has supported first-year students of medicine and dentistry at the University of Debrecen for a number of years. This year’s donation was handed over to the respective recipients at the end of February.

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