Hand Instruments Donated To Assist the Program in Medicine

Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt. [Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd.] regularly offers free state-of-the-art medical instruments to aid the program of first-year students of medicine and dentistry at the University of Debrecen. This year, the students received as many as 646 practicing sets of hand instruments.

The Debrecen-based company, situated “at the cutting edge” of medical hand instrument production, has supported first-year students of medicine and dentistry at the University of Debrecen for a number of years. The company considers it important to back medical programs at the university in order to contribute to the development of high quality health practices. For this token, just like in previous years, almost 650 Hungarian and international students became recipients of the sets of instruments necessary for their practice in anatomy and pathology by courtesy of Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt.

Medicor donated a total of 646 essential sets of instruments this year to the students. Out of the complimentary sets, which comprise scalpels, forceps, and scissors, 499 was delivered to the Student Self-Government of the Faculty Medicine on Friday, while the students of the Faculty of Dentistry got 147.

Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt. also supports the Department of Operative Techniques and Surgical Research by providing it with instruments required for acquiring modern surgical techniques, in order to facilitate the top-quality activities pursued there in the fields of teaching and research. As partners, they have been involved in close cooperation with the university to develop innovative hand instruments in several other fields, so that the company could satisfy the currently high expectations and demands on the international marketplace as well.

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