Erasmus+ BIP events at the University of Debrecen

Guest students from Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria came to the first Erasmus+ BIP (Blended Intensive Program) course of the University of Debrecen. In addition to interactive language sessions the four-day GloLiteToLead training course included gave awareness-raising presentations given by managers of domestic and international companies, organized by the Faculty of Economics.

The program focused on improving management competencies and skills and developing a new approach by developing a new economic and business way of thinking for students, promoting their future activities as company and institution managers.

- The first short-term intensive mobility course is followed by two more BIPs in the spring semester. Between May 22 and 26, the University of Debrecen hosts the program New aspects of topical dosage forms and the basics of nanoformulation at the Faculty of Pharmacy, with the participation of students and lecturers from the French University of Claude Bernard Lyon and the University of Oradea/Nagyvárad. Between July 17 and July 22 students of the partner universities of the European University Association of NeurotechEU can learn about the latest methods of electron microscopy sample preparation at the Faculty of General Medicine within the framework of the intensive mobility program, Orsolya Jánosy, DE International, told Office manager.

The Blended Intensive Program is a new element of Erasmus+ mobility. Students can participate in a few weeks of intensive training at foreign partner universities, which ends with an online training that can also be completed at home.

- One of the important objectives of the Erasmus+ program is inclusion, to make it even more accessible, to provide more opportunities and more support for new participants and those with more limited resources, thus broadening the range of applicants as much as possible. A BIP provides an excellent opportunity for this. Here, students only have to participate in a short, usually five-day physical mobility, which is combined with virtual mobility. In this way, people who for some reason cannot travel for longer mobility can join the program. Participating in a BIP can be the first step towards a longer study trip abroad or a professional internship, as it can motivate and give confidence to students who do not yet feel confident enough to participate in a semester-long scholarship program, he added Orsolya Jánosy.

In the academic year 2023/2024, the University of Debrecen plans to organize four more BIPs, and many partner institutions also organize BIPs across Europe, in which 30 UD students have already participated.

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