An Operative Steering Group has been established at UD. Official travel of the university’s employees to regions deemed risk areas been suspended, Students who have visited affected regions and have come back within 3 weeks, as well as sick students, have been asked to stay at home.

The recently established university streering body has unveiled several measures in order to protect the 40 000 strong university population and that of the city of Debrecen.

Members of the working group on protection against the new coronavirus established on 05 March include rector Zoltán Szilvássy, chancellor Zoltán Bács, and director of the Clinic of Infectology István Várkonyi. Also contributing to the group’s work are Chairman of the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen Ervin Berényi, Director of the Coordinating Centre for International Education Attila Jenei, as well as the deans of several faculties of the university. As an immediate measure the university has suspended university staff’s official business travel to regions deemed risk areas for coronavirus definition and designated as such by the Operative Group on Protection against the Coronavirus.

Students who have visited risk areas and returned to Hungary less than 3 weeks ago or are themselves experiencing symptoms such as fever, a sore throat, coughing, or weakness, are asked to stay in their homes and refrain from attending lectures. To reinforce this, leaders of the university and members of the Steering Group will take all legal measures available.

If students returned from regions deemed risk areas for the coronavirus infection definition and designated as such by the Operative Group on Protection against the Coronavirus earlier than 3 weeks to continue their studies and are symptom-free, they are free to attend lectures, seminars and practicums; no further restrictions apply to them.

According to the communication issued by the university rector, university staff and employees can only travel to regions designated by the Operative Group upon their own initiative and on leave of absence. In cases like this, they must stay in a 3-week voluntary quarantine on their return home.The university requires its healthcare workers  not to attend professional events abroad as part of their professional activities.

The Coordinating Centre for International Education of the University of Debrecen has sent letters to ask its international, and especially Iranian students who have travelled through affected regions, have come back within 3 weeks and have symptoms to stay at home and contact the centre by phone. In addition, they have also reminded these students to notify the centre if they have been in contact with patients with confirmed coronavirus disease.

UD’s Centre for Student Relations and Services (HKSZK) has informed dormitory residents that those who have returned to Hungary from areas considered the epicentre of coronavirus within 21 days are to report to the leadership of the dormitory. These students are provided with disinfectants in their rooms, which these students must use every time they leave their room. Owners of the affected rooms are reminded to use public spaces only if it is absolutely necessary.

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