After the general application procedure, as many as 6958 first-year students will be able to start their university studies in the Hungarian-language programs of the UD as of September 2021.

The total number of freshers this year, including those admitted through supplementary entrance exams, from across the borders and to English-language programs, exceeds ten thousand.

Those interested in higher education admission pass marks, could already browse the list of institutions as early as Thursday night at the website Applicants who had supplied their phone numbers or other particulars during the course of the registration received an SMS/IM) message about their individual admission scores and results.

The total number of applicants to the University of Debrecen in the general application procedure was 16 189, out of which 9167 applied for various programs at UD as their first choice identified. As compared to last year’s figures, 14 percent more, i.e., 6958 students were admitted. This means that the University of Debrecen continues to be the second most popular institution of higher education in the nation and the first among institutions outside the capital city.
“This fourteen-percent increase is quite considerable and impressive. On the basis of the number of first-choice applications and the total number of applications, it was already possible to foresee that, following the overall decreasing tendency experienced last year, the figures for the University of Debrecen would start growing again this year. And indeed, there was a twenty-percent increase in BA/BSc applications (4261), a seven-percent increase in five-year (undivided) programs (974), and a nineteen-percent increase in higher education specializations (684). We admitted twelve-percent more students to state-subsidized programs (5871) and twenty-two percent more students to self-financed programs (1087). The English-language programs display a ten-percent increase, which is a pretty good result during the pandemic. In addition to the figures of the general application procedure, there will be other data coming in from the supplementary entrance examinations and the applications from across the border, thus pushing the number of admissions this year beyond ten thousand by September,” said Elek Bartha, Vice Rector for Educational Affairs at the University of Debrecen.

The highest number of students, 1565, have been admitted to the Faculty of Economics and Business, while the Faculty of Humanities will have 864 new students and the Faculty of Law will have 664 freshers in the upcoming semester.

The most popular choice among BA/BSc programs turned out to be the Nursing and Patient Care program, which attracted a total of 537 new students, while the five-year (undivided) program in Law registered 350 future freshers. As regards MA/MSc programs, the University of Debrecen has admitted the highest number of students (77) to its Psychology program. The highest pass mark for admission was specified for the five-year (undivided) Teacher of English Language and Culture / Teacher of Chemistry program (447), while the same score was necessary to get into the Teacher of Informatics / Mathematics, followed by the correspondence program in Law with 442 points.

It is also newsworthy that the University of Debrecen has also admitted a total of 180 applicants to the recently launched programs at the UD Szolnok Campus in Medical and Health Sciences, including the Nursing and Patient Care BSc, the Health Care and Disease Prevention BSc, and the Health Care Management MSc. As of September, three Master’s program can be launched as dual training and there is also a similar chance for Applied Mathematics. With these two, the number of dual training programs may exceed thirty.

In the event of infringements experienced during the course of the general admission procedure, applicants can again seek legal redress by submitting an appeal through the Education Office to their locally competent court or jurisdiction.

“For the latter, they have fifteen days following the delivery date of the admission decision. After that deadline, there shall be no more chance to submit any additional documents or appeals for scoring extra points. Those who have failed to be admitted to any of the programs may apply for higher education studies in the framework of supplementary entrance examinations. However, they can identify only one major of one institution of higher education as their choice on the application form. This year, it also possible to choose the state-subsidized scholarship programs, for which purpose the Ministry of Innovation and Technology has selected 73 majors in eight program fields. Find the relevant information concerning these upon the announcement of the supplementary entrance exams at the website The date for revealing the relevant pass marks will probably be August 27,” said Annamária Pósánné Rácz, Director for Education at the University of Debrecen.

The supplementary entrance examination procedure started on July 29, and applications may be submitted until August 8 through the system called e-felvételi [e-admission].

Pont Ott Party

Several hundred applicants were excited to find out about the pass marks and partied at the university festival grounds, called Egyetem Tér [University Square] at Campus Fesztivál. Students who learned that they had been admitted to the University of Debrecen continued having fun by putting crowns on their heads.