Addressing foreign students through science at TTK (Faculty of Science and Technology)

A conference organised by the International Student Union (ISU), an association of foreign students, was held on Thursday at the Learning Center: students enrolled in the English-language programmes of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen (DE TTK) heard presentations on scientific work, the opportunities of TDK (Students’ Scientific Research) and the institution's talent management programmes.

Ferenc Kun, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology , UD, said the conference was much more than an academic event.

- We want to integrate our foreign students as much as possible into the faculty community, and the event does just that through science. As an international faculty, we also feel a responsibility to help students find a job after university, which is why the programme includes a presentation by a recruitment specialist from one of our industrial partners. We are finding that there is a demand for the event, a lot of foreign students are interested in research opportunities, so as well as doing their thesis, they want to go further, they want to acquire a more indepth knowledge of their own disciplines. And we are happy about this, as scientific research is the area through which we can keep in touch with them even after they graduate from  university," emphasised Ferenc Kun.
Around 800 of the 2,800 students of the Faculty of Science and Technology are studying their subjects in English. The international academic conference was designed to give them a detailed insight into the research and academic work of the faculty.
At Thursday's programme, foreign students involved in TTK research shared their own experiences. As the faculty's very strong corporate network plays an important role in basic and applied research,a representative of Sensirion, one of the faculty's corporate partners, also gave a presentation at the  event.

The organisers hope that the third edition of the scientific programme will enable even more foreign students to become involved in internationally recognised research at the TTK and to participate in future Students’ Scientific Research conferences.

Press Centre - KSzD