RUR 2022: UD in a Leading Position Concerning Financial Sustainability

In the most recent rankings released by RUR (Round University Ranking), the University of Debrecen is ranked the highest among institutions of higher education in Hungary in the key area of financial sustainability. As regards the global or overall ranking position, our institution is the best among Hungarian universities, occupying the 450th place in the latest rankings prepared by the Moscow-based independent international world university ranking system.

Round University Ranking (RUR) has evaluated educational institutions worldwide since 2010. The performance of 1300 leading universities from as many as 85 different countries is measured by twenty unique indicators and four key areas of university activities: teaching (40%), research (40%), financial sustainability (10%) and international diversity (10%).

In the key area of teaching, the University of Debrecen is placed 201st in the list published by RUR for 2022. As for financial sustainability, UD turned out to be the best among Hungarian universities. Among the key areas, our international diversity indicators have improved from year to year, promoting us from the 390th place last year to the 369th place this year.
In 2022, the University of Debrecen has scored the highest number of points in the key area of teaching (70.376), followed by international diversity (61.916), financial sustainability (47.350) and research (41.695).
“The University of Debrecen continues to be at the cutting edge among institutions in the world according to the major international rankings. The performance evaluations at the faculty level, which are currently under construction and expected to be approved soon, may also significantly increase the academic and educational potentials of our university, propelling us further in an upward spiral in the international ranking systems,” said Rector’s Commissioner for Rankings Ákos Pintér, commenting on announcement of the latest rankings results to

The 2022 RUR list is headed by three universities from the United States of America: California Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Among Hungarian institutions, in addition to the University of Debrecen, three more institutions have made it to the list: Semmelweis Egyetem, Szegedi Tudományegyetem and Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem.

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